I’ve decided not to have kids. My children are taking it pretty hard.



For anyone who has been following this blog and has been wondering how I am doing: I have given up on the homeless shelter where I have been staying, and am composing this from a hotel room. My CPP check has been deposited into my bank account so I have some spending money again for a while. It won’t be long, though, until my available cash has gone, and I am reduced to the kindness of the state again. Unless, that is, some kind souls out there step up to help. Remember, it wouldn’t take much from each of a few of you to get me through the tough times. $20, here and thee, would quickly add up to a useable sum. just send it to https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/81X4j0/pay?ref=ab_68JUx8_ab_1ukeOGqWzEq1ukeOGqWzEq
And, if anyone in the Edmonton area is considering using the Hope mission shelter or donating to it, please reconsider. The reason for my saying this is that I consider the staff incompetent.  They screwed me over twice during my stay there, more if I want to be picky. The first time was about a week ago, when I caught the nasty cough which had been going around since I had signed in. I went and got a bottle of cough syrup, which was confiscated on my return, since medicine was not allowed to be kept with you. Late, when I went to retrieve it, I was told that it had neve been logged in as being stored in the medical locker, and could not be found, so I was out of luck. How professional of them! The second time was this morning, Tuesday the 26th. They have recently been trying to enforce a rule about residents having to take their belongings with them every time they left. Now, some people had brought several large bags of belongings with them when they registered, which was quite a struggle to drag around everywhere, including breakfast, where there was a single line to negotiate, a nearly impossible task with both hands full your posessions. I only have the one bag, wih my laptop, phone, and a few odds and ends like deodorant, but it still gets heavy and cumbersome after a while. So, on Tuesday morning they managed to force me to take my stuff along when I went for breakfast. But when I returned, I was told that I had not been logged as leaving earlier, so would not be admitted for another hour and fifteen minutes. But, I asked, does this tag on my belongings not indicate that i had, indeed, left the shelter with it that morning? Normally, yes, I was told, but without having been officially been logged out, I was not allowed to be admitted until new admittals were accepted. Well where, I asked, was I expected to wait until that time, with it being -10 c and snowing fairly heavily? Not their problem, I was told. Someone is going to have to freeze to death, and the shelter charged with manslaughter, for things to change. Every day I see a large group of potential clients huddled outside the door, freezing, and desperately waiting for entry. No compassion is available, though. THE RULES DEMAND A SACRIFICE!

Publishing this today since I may be returning to the shelter tomorrow, and lose my internet access. I hope everyone has a great December. I hope to be back online toward the end of the month.


There were once rhinos in the Yukon.


What really WAS Oumuamua?


The flattest known star.

Sorry, not much content here this time around. I have reached my upload limit and must figure out how to delete some files to make more room.


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