“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” Auguste Rodin


Publishing this a little early, since I won’t have internet access after today.


Just FYI, you spammers who keep sending links to this site are wasting your time. No comments are published unless I approve them, which I will not do, so no one will ever be able to see them, and I most certainly will not click on any of them.


Amazing that new dinosaurs are still being found.


A child in Britain has turned orange after drinking too much Sunny D.


I’ll have to try to remember to do a follow up check on this later in the week. Hopefully this same site will report on it after the event


I wonder what John Fogerty thinks of this version of his song.


A new report states that being too clean is not healthy.


Jet landing without landing gear.


World’s strongest man shows his daily diet.


Why blue is rarely found in nature.


Could this be where humans arose?


In the odd/unique hobby department, this guy knits sweaters depicting real places, and then visits those places wearing the sweaters.


A discovery in a cave in France has changed what had been believed about Neanderthals.


Very impressive.

 OK, one more plea for assistance. Does no one care what kind of trouble I am going through? Remember, I am not asking for a lot. If several people give even $20, it would add up to be a real help. And I don’t need much, just a little extra to fund my search for a new place to live. I don’t know if I am equipped mentally to handle many more disappointments . And, lately, every day is just another series of negative events in my life. My body might break down totally one day. One day last week I was just walking down the sidewalk when my legs suddenly just gave out. I had a lot of trouble getting back to my feet. Finally I just crawled to a tree and used it to hang onto as I slowly stood back up. Even then I was very unsteady. After a short rest I decided to try moving again. I could then navigate normally, no missed steps or unsteadiness. I am going to call the hospital I spent the week at after my stroke and see if I can go back for a checkup, to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong with me, physically. It seems foolish not to. Who knows if I might collapse totally one day? Plus, that would be a day or more that I wouldn’t have to pay for a place to stay overnight. I am seriously considering checking into a homeless shelter. There are a few of them here, in Edmonton.


This year the U. S. dropped to 128th place on the Global Peace Index. Out of 163 countries.
The statistics are in the report at this link.http://visionofhumanity.org/app/uploads/2019/06/GPI-2019-web003.pdf. What a shithole.
And so much for MAGA, eh?


More cool elephants.


Dog jumps into pool to save his friend.


The wool of an Australian merino sheep.


Girl in Carrie costume gets in a car accident and scares everyone.


The New York City subway banned dogs unless they fit in a bag, …But New Yorkers were not to be denied.


This is what Gomez Addams (Sean Astin from The Addams Family) looks like now.

How most people remember him.



The standard CPR doll face is a copy of a 19th century drowned woman.


Some people have such a huge sense of humor that they have to keep making jokes after they die.


This image was taken in a Chinese sorghum field. I used to operate a combine in the fall at my job, when I worked for a local farmer when I was young. Much better than driving the grain truck. This guy was quite wealthy, and owned new equipment, which were all top of the line so they all had such creature comforts as air conditioning. I think it would be very cool to work in a large crew such as this. My boss only had two machines. People passing by would often stop and observe the action, This man owned several fields that were right beside the Trans Canada highway. Many observers would even take pictures.


Tool used by drafters in the 130s for making dotted lines on printed pages.


Cab driver literally takes his passenger for a ride. Distance from restaurant to hotel was seven blocks.

That’s quite a slogan.


I don’t claim to be any kind of a gourmet chef or anything, but who cooks fish like that, whole, with the eyes still in place? That cat looks like its wondering the same thing.


This seems a bit morbid, and is definitely creepy. I originally assumed it was from the ’50s, but after doing a reverse image search on Google, I saw a tag that said 1963.


Queen’s Guards used to have one-man air raid shelters next to their posts during The Blitz in  1940.






While I imagine this would be a bit scary in real life, it looks awesome.

Storm over Bondi Beach, Sydney.






Asteroid or smallest dwarf planet?


NASA is planning to send a robot to the Moon in 2022 to look for water.


Many Mercury cars in the early ’60s had an odd rear window that was flat and tilted in at the bottom, plus were motorized and controlled from the driver’s seat, so could be rolled down for better air circulation.

Kind of neat (unique) but I wouldn’t be interested in owning it.


Interesting design for a truck, the “Strick cab under”..


Now this I would like to own.


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