Borrow money from a pessimist – they don’t expect it back.



.I was relieved to see that this post did not have the same spacing issues as the previous one. Enjoy! Also, I will soon have to stop posting from this site. My subscription is going to expire soon, and my credit card has no more funds available to renew it. The expiry date is at the beginning of December but I may still be able to use a lower featured version after that. I won’t be able to work online most of next month anyway. I won’t have enough money to afford to pay for a hotel room, so I will likely spend a lot of time in a homeless shelter unless I get a lot of contributions to my fundraiser. More on that later.

We got our first snow today, Oct 27th. I’m not a big fan of winter, especially. now, since I have no place to live (no home base and no money for taxis.), and walking most places is going to be a bitch.


Be nice to your waiter/waitress. You don’t know what they go through.


Question: How is your life in general? Would you have a use for an electronic disappointed sigh?


I had never before heard of “candle ice”.


What makes a parking spot worth $1 million?


This toilet scans your poop and determines your health from it.


This Belgian restaurant serves recycled toilet water.


I wouldn’t call this love, I think it is just plain creepy.


Rolling Stone magazine’s opinion of the 100 greatest singers of all time.


Now how, exactly, would asbestos accidentally get into a batch of baby powder? In my opinion, a company as established as Johnson and Johnson making this bad of a mistake deserves a substantial/severe punishment.


How do you move a lighthouse that is endangered by an eroding coastline?


Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of commercials airing lately on TV for various medications that include the statement  “don’t use if you are allergic to ####” ? Are enough people seriously using products they are allergic to that a warning is necessary? Not only is that annoying, but there is a lot of boring programming on TV lately. Which is frustrating, since, due to not having much extra cash, I don’t go out much, and if it weren’t for the A&E network airing “The first 48” and “Live PD” frequently, I would not have much interesting to watch. If anyone vwould like to assist me with getting a life, I will post the link to my fundraiser again. Remember, I am not asking for much, but if several people give just a bit, it will add up to something significant.


Belt sander race.


Another interesting poll.


And a season appropriate one that should interest almost6 everyone::


Abnormal weather patterns have led to the ozone hole this year being the smallest ever.


A selection of photos of this amazing Earth.


A Thai fisherman found a lump of whale vomit that is worth $320,000.


Several cow facts you may or may not know.


Melting glaciers in the Russian arctic have revealed five new islands.


Some people may be classified as humans, but they certainly live like animals. Imagine what these children will be like when they grow up and go out on their own.


I know some people this could apply to.




Begging to get robbed.


This would take a special class of loser.


I had a lot of cassette tapes, most of them well used, but, fortunately, never had too many problems with them unreeling like this.


The adults who just filmed this better be careful, or she’ll be a terror when she gets older.


Never heard of those before.


Pretty elaborate, but would be a good gag if you pulled it off.


This can’t be real can it?



Another person who hasn’t yet evolved to become completely human.



People were surprised and confused as to how this tomato plant came to be growing by the Brooklyn bridge.

Until a second one appeared.


What the hell?


Did George Washington poop with friends?


A bunch of cool underwater pictures of whales.


Horse plays dead when someone tries to ride it.


The Yapok, otherwise known as the Water Opossum.


…because so many people wanted one as a pet, they were hunted and caught for profit. The caption should actually say wild clownfish.


The actors who played Starsky and Hutch are still friends over 70 years later.


I would love to be in this crowd. I am very fond of redheads.


Kids are amazing. A lot of the time, they do stuff just because they don’t realize it shouldn’t work.


The caption for this was “Riva Trigoso (Genova) – Italy”. Riva Trigoso is a seaside resort. I know nothing about the storm.


NASA recorded the sound our sun makes.

As well as that of all the planets in our solar system.


The magnetic field of Uranus opens and closes once per it’s day.


Some people are about to have a bad day (or night). I know nothing about this storm either.




A 104-year-old biscuit that was among the supplies taken on Ernest Shackleton’s 1907 expedition to the Antarctic has been bought at auction for £1,250.‘That’s just over $2000 U.S., people.


I love elephants. I would like to work with/for some of them.


And I hate the fact that poachers endanger these magnificent creatures. So this serves those lowlifes right.





If you’re going to do drugs in public, it’s best not to do so much that you lose track of what’s happening or what you are doing.


















Interesting theory on the source of much of Earth’s water.


The Space Station Crosses in front of a Spotless Sun.


The Witch Head Nebula. about 900 light-years from Earth


Planetary nebula Sh2-68, aka the “Flaming Skull Nebula.”



What was originally thought to be a gel that was photographed on the Moon by China’s Yutu-2 rover is now determined to actually be a lass like material deposited by an asteroid impact.




Great selection of photos of Earth as seen by astronauts.


Interesting rock formation that used to loom over a road in New Mexico.


Aston Martin is going into the motorcycle manufacturing business.


’69 Charger gets a BMW engine swap.


Anyone fancy a Rolls Royce station wagon?



Renting a trailer would have been cheaper than the repairs.






I’d like to know the story behind this.


…and this.


What the hell, this one, too.



Pulling truck loses engine (and hood).




Not recommended. I’ll bet it was fun, though.





Two 1963 Chrysler 300s once went rallying In Canada.


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