I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% tired of this bullshit.



 I already published a post with this very name, but since I am basically starting from scratch, I just chose an old draft from my home page, and added to it so some of you may have seen some content before.


I actually got a few donations to my fundraiser this week! They only totaled $110, but that was still enough to give me hope. Anyone want to meet this challenge?


Then, on Friday, things went for shit again. I went to the cash machine at the local convenience store to get some cash I could change in for bus fare, as it was grocery day. I wasn’t really paying attention, and didn’t notice the ATM wasn’t powered up. It took my card, and clamped down on it so I couldn’t get it back. The cashier couldn’t help me, and the ATM company wasn’t answering their phone. Well, now what? I went back home and scraped together some nickels and dimes for the bus, and went down to the mall where there was a branch of my bank. |I got a new debit card issued and went grocery shopping. Finally got home, worn out from the hassle. And vowed to put a curse on every one who post one of those “reblog for good luck” posts. I actually overcame my aversion to them, and reblogged a couple, figuring it couldn’t hurt, besides, I need all the good luck I can get. Not any more. I now hate them with a passion. If anything, they made my situation worse. So, how was your week?


Ever wonder how the practice of milk on cereal for breakfast began?


Something tells me this guy is going to be harassed mercilessly in prison.


People who can’t grasp simple English are annoying. Especially when they take their failures to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\social media. Here are some of the worst.


Kids in the U.S. are fed up with government inaction on climate change, and they marched on Washington to demand something be done.

This one chose to go it alone.


According to this study, dreaming helps our brains forget “excess memories”. Whatever those are.


Apparently. Trump seriously considers nuking hurricanes is a viable option.


Iceland held a funeral for their first glacier lost to global warming.


Barbaric. 440 women in Turkey were killed by their own husbands last year. That deserved a memorial.


Who else is very happy they don’t live in New Orleans? Wait, wait, don’t comment until you read this statistic.


Who would have guessed that music has an effect on the flavor of cheese? If it is played as the cheese is aging, that is.


This site has an interesting theoretical choice for you to make; Would you rather spend 5 years in a coma or 1 year in state prison?

Poll Of The Day


No, not a Dr Seuss fable, but a real life polka dot zebra.


What kind of sick person gives acid to a dolphin? Even in the “name of science”.

How ironic.


You wanna prepare my food with that hand? Yeah, I don’t think so.


I suppose he’s done this enough to feel comfortable with it, but I’d say “not advisable”. Because you never can tell with an animal, especially one that used to run wild. Even a housecat accidentally scratches their human every now and then.





So the first picture of a black hole has been taken, and the people involved have won an award.


Earth astronomers are concerned over a recent launch of 12,000 satellites by SpaceX which are blocking their view.



The first crime in space has potentially happened.


So Koenigsegg (no, I don’t know how to pronounce it) has a car capable of a 0 to 400 km per hour to zero time of 30 seconds. Do you get whiplash while doing that?



The Ultra-Short Wheelbase Truck Chevrolet Never Built – A 5.7 Litre V8 C50 Restomod


OUCH! Nice Mustang bites the wall during a drag race.



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