Don’t add or subtract from the population. Stay out of the hospital, the newspaper, and jail.



Yet another plea for assistance. And a serious question: Are you all really so broke that you don’t have a spare $20 to help a guy on the verge of homelessness, or is it a  case of “fuck you, no one gives a shit about your problems. I have applied for government assistance, but all their programs put together don’t cover my living costs. So I will beg if I have to.


Trump and his cronies seem determined to facilitate the extinction of all wildlife.


He is also seriously looking into the possibility of buying Greenland.


But Greenland asked “are you fucking serious?”


So, there is a service that will ship someone a quart to a gallon of cow, gorilla, or elephant poop. Or a mixture of them all.


Fabric is now being made from waste milk that is softer than cotton.


Now whatever could it be?



Brazil compared to Pluto.


I truly hope this was not an actual reaction, although some people do seem surprised by everyday actions of their vehicles..


Someone once thought the Dynasphere would catch on as daily transportation.




The 40-Foot Studebaker President. Studebaker orchestrated one of the biggest automobile stunts by building an enormous replica of the Studebaker President out of wood. When the campaign finished, they burnt it.


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