I often wonder if the guy who came up with the term, “One Hit Wonder”… Came up with any other phrases.



Well, still no donations to my fundraiser, and, yes, I’m still whining about it. I wish I knew what I am doing wrong. Other fundraisers have received tens of thousands of dollars, with much similar stories as mine. This whole ordeal is making me sick. I don’t know if I’m developing an ulcer, or what, but I have developed a pain in my gut that is very uncomfortable, and is preventing me from sleeping properly. GREAT! That’s all I need. Maybe I should just pull the plug, the plug, and end it all.


U.K. Domino’s stores are stockpiling pizza ingredients in case Brexit makes them difficult to obtain.


Who else was a fan of The Beverly Hillbillies TV show? If you are extremely well off, you can now buy their mansion.


Have trouble getting going in the morning? Maybe you need an ejector bed.


Hey bird lovers. What do you think of a three foot tall parrot?


Moose dive up to 20 meters while foraging, and, in doing so, enrich their habitat.


Koala fingerprints are almost indistinguishable from human’s.


The Amazon rain forest is being fertilized by smoke from African fires.


This plant can shoot its seeds with great force.


The power of human compassion visualized. Both photos are of the same dog, Poppy.



A company from Finland has figured out how to make food from thin air.


This is an intact human nervous system that was dissected by 2 medical students in 1925. It took them over 1500 hours. There are only 4 of these in the world.

I’ll bet they’re lined up for blocks.


Who’s idea of fun?



This new type of bike has no seat.


The Hubble telescope only takes pictures in black and white. They are colorized later.


Tardigrades that were on a rocket which crashed on our Moon in April are believed to still be alive.


No effing way is a bloody air cleaner alone worth $15,000.



Richard Petty’s NASCAR Road Runner.


Only the coolest truckers would drive a Dodge “Dude”


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