They say hard work never hurt anybody, but why take the chance?



I’m going to make a request from my readers this week for some help with a problem I am having. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’m quite desperate at this point. Failure to obtain funds will see me living on the street soon. Hopefully, setting up this account will  have some positive results, because it was a real pain. Actually, not the Fundrazr itself, but when I went to link my PayPal account to my bank account, something went wrong. I don’t even remember all the details, but I had to change my online banking access password. That took 8 or more tries before it would take properly, and I was afraid for a while I would actually have to go to the bank to fix it. It finally worked. anyway, but, strangely, they required me to include a special character, not a letter or number, to my login password. I still might have to, get help at the bank, because I am unable to access funds via a bank machine. Not sure if setting up the Paypal account, changing the password, or something else was the cause  When I unlinked PayPal from my bank account, the card worked again. Anyway, it’s all up to you guys now. Hopefully you feel generous. If everyone gives a bit, it should all add up to restore some of my nest egg. And, once again, let me stress how much I would appreciate it. I am baffled as to why I can’t find another job. I am signed up to two different online services, but I am not qualified for anything in their listings. So, any assistance I could obtain would be appreciated more that I could properly express. You would literally be saving my life. It wouldn’t need to be a large sum, either. Enough small bills gathered together would add up to be enough to pay bills, etc. Something that would also be appreciated would be if everyone could pass the fundraiser link around to your own contacts. Worry over my situation is actually making me physically ill.


OK, well, let’s get to it. I have ended up with an unusually large post this week. Hope you all like it. 

So, not sure what happened, here, but suddenly I am way behind on my internet browsing. Usually I go through my list of bookmarks every day or so, but now I find myself 4 or more days behind. I haven’t been busy or partying, so did I pass out for part of the week, or did every blog I follow suddenly go on blogging sprees? My email programs had no unread messages, and I am subscribed to several daily mailings. Then, when I finally got to the bottom of my bookmarks list, I was still 3 days behind. So my next post will also likely be extra large. But did it really take me 3 days to go through the list? I guess. Anyway, that is the reason for the extra large post this week. I had a lot of material to choose from.


I am starting to get the feeling that my name and email address are listed somewhere under the heading “sucker”. I got the third message this week telling me that a large sum of money is waiting to be transferred to me. The catch is that, to receive these funds. I am always required to submit a payment first, for various reasons. The amount asked for has been from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Even if I had that much spare cash, I would be very reluctant to hand it over. The last attempt was supposedly sent by the FBI, which seemed VERY suspicious. Sure enough, I found this scam via a Google search. What a cruel thing to do to someone who is hurting financially. I wonder if they are getting contact info via crowdfunding sites like the one I am using.


The longer I live, the more convinced I am that there are a LOT of truly stupid people out there. This conclusion comes about after listening to the number of commercials on TV that include the disclaimer “Do not take #### if you are allergic”. Really? I never would have thought of that. It conjures up images of some knuckle dragger at the lawyer complaining that no one warned him to stay away from something that caused negative reactions in him. Do they need to be told not to drink paint, too? Sheesh! Also amazing to me is this vape commercial that warns that it contains tobacco, which is addictive. How does anyone NOT know this yet? There must be an historical lawsuit regarding this that makes a legal disclaimer necessary to the company’s legal department.


Anyone else hate these “American Chopper” memes?. I never did like that show for this very reason. The frequent screaming matches. Can’t solve a difference of opinion without getting angry and yelling/almost resorting to violence? How very mature. Your customers must love hanging around. A lot of people get defensive (“My blog”) when I state my opinion, but I have seen a few other sites bash those idiotic posts.


A coin with payment plans for purchase? No thanks. Not to mention that I don’t care for the look of it.—the-canadian-landscape—mintage-2000-2019-prod3570042


This video needs to be played where people who leave animals and children in cars in the summer can see it.


The paranoia infesting the U.S. is spreading.


Trump toilet paper is now a thing.


From the Department of Odd World Records, toilet sitting.


I don’t care if someone is developmentally challenged, if they can complete the tasks inmvolved in a job, they deserve a living wage.


Have you heard about the latest silliness to overtake the internet, “Storm Area 51”? It seems to me that they are defeating their own purpose (supposing they actually plan to follow through with it) by publicizing it so heavily. Do they think the government is not going to be prepared for a bunch of geeks invading the site?


What those ill advised adventurers have in store.


For anyone still interested, this should be solid evidence it is not recommended.


I’m by no means claiming to be any kind of an expert in smuggling anything, especially drugs, but, come on, how did this guy think he was going to get away with it?


This particular druggie smoked so much he couldn’t see through the cloud of smoke in his car, and ran into a police car.


Druggies flushing their stash in large enough quantities to affect the local wildlife also seem like aa ill-advised thing to do. Why would you get rid of the very thing that gets you off? It would be like buying food and then throwing it away. Pointless.


You’ll never guess what The Coast Guard is seizing now.


People often stumble into danger simply because the location is attractive to them. Like this chemical waste dump in Russia. But the “Novosibirsk Maldives” isn’t a luxurious oasis, it’s actually a chemical waste dump. Responding to these selfies, the Russian power company that runs the plant urged people not to go near the water, because it’s heavily contaminated.


Global warming is real.





The Seiko TV watch from 1982. It no longer works today because analog TV broadcasts stopped in the US in June 2009. The retail price was $495.



Yeah, don’t bother paying attention to the meal you’re preparing, so not only do you ruin it, but also a large portion of your siding. Drunk, or high?


The residents of Guadalajara, Mexico, are likely not very happy these days.


Smokey the Bear is getting fired due to Trump administration budget cuts.


Animals tend to behave strangely during eclipses.


This diver found a HUGE jellyfish.


How do fish get into an isolated lake that has no rivers connected to it?


In rats, anyway, possibly also in humans, exposure to blue light, such as that emitted by our electronic devices, at night, increases the consumption of sugary foods.




Famous/talented people get into trouble too.


Los Angeles-based artist Doug Aitken installed a house-shaped structure in Gstaad, Switzerland, made almost entirely of mirrored surfaces that reflect the mountains, skies, and trees.
..and, no doubt, the Sun, which must really annoy any neighbors he might have.


Is that really a wise thing to do?


Root system of grasses.








Bryce Canyon, in Utah. I love landscapes like this. For instance, The Grand Canyon was one of my favorite vacation spots. I would definitely go back.


Whenever I  hear or see women complain about men not being honest with them, I always think of this. How honest is painting on an entirely different face before going out? For the record, I find nothing wrong with her natural looks.

That would have finished me. I am simply not fit enough.



On 30 June 1973, a Solar Eclipse occurred which lasted 7 minutes and 4 seconds at any given spot, but which one group was able to view for more than an hour.


Space X is planning on making its rockets available soon for commercial passenger flights, cutting travel time significantly for close to the same cost to passengers as current jets.


What created this unusual mountain? There is a new theory. Ahuna Mons is the largest mountain on the largest known asteroid in our Solar System, Ceres, which orbits our Sun in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Ahuna Mons, though, is like nothing that humanity has ever seen before. For one thing, its slopes are garnished not with old craters but young vertical streaks. The new hypothesis, based on numerous gravity measurements, holds that a bubble of mud rose from deep within the dwarf planet and pushed through the icy surface at a weak point rich in reflective salt – and then froze. The bright streaks are thought to be similar to other recently surfaced material such as visible in Ceres’ famous bright spots. The featured double-height digital image was constructed from surface maps taken of Ceres in 2016 by the robotic Dawn mission. Successfully completing its mission in 2018, Dawn continues to orbit Ceres even though it has exhausted the fuel needed to keep its antennas pointed toward Earth.


Cassini spacecraft had captured the image of Saturn’s moon Pan orbiting inside the 300 km wide Encke Gap of Saturn’s expansive A-ring. It’s 30 km across and it also has rolling terrain, long ridges, & a few craters.


Opportunity rover as seen from space


Jupiter Occultation.


This is a GREAT Jupiter vs Earth size comparison.




Our sun belches up some plasma. It’s called a coronal mass ejection and if oriented towards us it wreaks havoc with our radio and electronic equipment and can knock out power grids. The ejection itself can travel millions of miles and is 1000s of times larger than Earth.



Crap! Looks scary.


How do you help someone who is having a stroke? This cop tasered and pepper sprayed him.


Some people’s idea of what looks good on a vehicle is just WRONG. There ought to be a law.


Ford made a pickup truck emoji. and it seems to have driven their stock price down.





Well, that’s different. About the kindest thing I can say about it.




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