Save the whales. Collect the whole set.



What is now the Sahara Desert was once under water.


I never understood sending dick pics. I figure if girls wanted to see my junk, they would ask. And I see a lot of girls complain about them. So, good for Texas for making it a crime.


The meanings of different pirate flags,.


This odd looking orange bird couldn’t fly. That’s because it was covered with curry.


An injured manta ray asked this diver for help.


Why bats roost upside down.


Alaska’s summer temps are usually in the 60 degree Fahrenheit range, but this year, a heat wave drove it up into the 90’s. Animals suffer from the heat, too, but this crafty moose found a clever way to cool off.


A stingray skeleton.


Please tell me this was supposed to be a joke and not something someone actually did.


Now who in hell dreamed this idiocy up? Just when you think you’ve seen it all.




An enormous mass has been detected below the Moon’s largest crater. It could be the asteroid that actually made the crater.


A video to watch if you believe the moon landings were faked, or to show a disbeliever.


A solar sail will soon be deployed in a test of the technology.


A rock collected on the Moon by Apollo 14 astronauts most likely originally came from here on Earth.


The Hayabusa spacecraft has gathered a sample from the interior of asteroid Ryugu.


A rare photo of the Moon’s South Pole.




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