Why is it that when you transport something by car, it’s called a shipment, but when you transport something by ship, it’s called cargo?…..



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Well, I’m starting to wonder if there is, in fact, something to those “reblog and something good will happen” posts, and ignoring them is coming back to haunt me. As if my life wasn’t going badly enough, this week my bank card quit working. I tried it in two different machines, and neither of them could read it. So I went to the nearest bank to get some assistance. I did get my debit card replaced, and a little other business done on Tuesday. Fortunately, I had enough change lying around that I could gather up the $3.50 bus fare. A lot of walking was still involved to get from place to place. Which tried to kill me. If I ever do find another job, it might just succeed. When I got back home I had to lay down and rest for a while. Oh, for the Good Old Days, when I could scamper around for hours.


Incomplete/inefficient burning of natural gas in household appliances is leading to high greenhouse gas volumes.


Paris recorded the hottest temperature on Thursday since records began to be saved.


Sometimes this politically correct BS is just plain BS. It certainly doesn’t offend me when things are gender oriented.


How can anyone just throw away a child? Or is there more here?


A previously unknown species of shark that glows in the dark was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. 


It’s probably best not to mess with an elephant.


Giant Japanese Salamander’s paws.





So This Guy Paused A Video Of A Model He Wanted To Look Like And His Barber Mistook The Play Button Icon With His Desired Hairstyle And Shaved Triangles On Both Sides Of His Head.






Lightning damage to a tree.


Today I Learned A lightning strike can strip the bark off a tree completely. The reason for this is, when the lightning hits it super heats the water under the bark, creating nearly instantaneous steam pressure. Which blows all the bark off.

Adolf Hitler’s nephew, William Hitler, fought for the United States in the navy against his uncle.










Your Day May Have Been Bad, But It’s Probably Not As Bad As ‘I Tipped Over A Satellite And It’ll Cost $135 Million To Fix’ Bad.

Orbital path of asteroid near miss in 2002. Yah, that’s how close we came to nuclear winter and possible total destruction.


Was Neil Armstrong killed by incompetent hospital staff?


So satisfying that I was able to convince one blogger that those “big truck = small penis” memes are wrong. He apologized when I complained, and took the post down. I don’t get where the idea that someone who drives a modified vehicle is compensating for something came from, but I used to drive a lifted truck, and I have never received a complaint about my penis. I used to work up North, in the muskeg, and my lifted truck made it a lot easier to get around. 


Imagine a car that averaged 170mpg. Imagine that in hybrid mode this range was almost doubled. Imagine that this car ran not on batteries that had to be charged for hours at exotic and hard to find charging stations, but on diesel fuel that you could get at any gas station, and fill up on in under a minute. Imagine that for just $6 worth of that diesel fuel, you could drive for 500 miles. And imagine that, unlike a tesla or even a Prius, this car cost less than $25k.
Such a car was real. It existed. Until the government persecuted the company that designed it.




56 Studebaker.


1949 Delahaye 175

You know its hot when your car melts.




“I’ve been in love with the same woman for forty-one years. If my
wife finds out, she’ll kill me.”– Henny Youngman


At the risk of annoying my readers, here is another shameless plug for my Fundraiser. Just in case, I will let everyone know that if I suddenly quit posting updates it will mean that I am living on the street, or something worse, and am no longer able to update the site. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Others are raising tens of thousands of dollars on these sites with similar stories. I am not trying to shame anyone into donating, but if all of my readers could find even a spare $50 or so to give, it would add up to something really helpful. And I am desperate at this point. Desperate enough to beg.


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