I need to get in shape. If I were murdered, my chalk outline would be a circle



How dare the government try to tell me if and how I can repair my devices.


The latest in “fashion” for dumbfucks, handerpants.


There was recently a ladybug swarm so large that it was detected on weather radar.








YELLOWSTONE-“…the mist surrounding the bison was because they had just crossed a river. Their body heat in the cold air caused the water to turn to vapor.”

“ Inge Ginsberg survived the Holocaust and became a spy for the Americans during WWII, smuggling arms to fight the Nazis. She married a composer and they wrote songs together in the 40’s and 50’s that were sung by Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Doris Day, and Rosemary Clooney, among others. 60 years later, she got back into music and fell in love with Heavy Metal, which she now performs with world-renowned Classical musicians Lucia Caruso and Pedro da Silva – a.k.a. the TritoneKings.”




Some people have way more money than common sense. I have to wonder if the buyer ever donated to someone less fortunate.




How can anyone still take this fool seriously?


NASA has been launching jellyfish into space since the 90’s. Originally 2,478 were sent up and there were 60,000 orbiting Earth by the mission’s end 20 years later. The jellyfish that have returned reportedly ‘hate life on Earth.’


South Pole taken from ISS.






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