Be nice to your kids. They’ll choose your nursing home.



Everyday things you may not know. There is a link to more included in the article.


I’m not sure how a society would function without time. I mean how would they know when to go to work or open stores, etc. But this Norwegian island wants to abolish it.


I guess there is a market for a 6 second 0-100 mph lawn  mower. For people who are very busy on the weekend, I guess.


Optical illusion: These balls all look the same color until different colored lines are placed over them.


The entire U.S. administration has gone off the deep end. Does no one realize this is insanity? Say “molecules of freedom” out loud, and tell me it doesn’t sound stupid.


Spending too much time looking at your phone could cause a bone spike to grow in your neck.


A company in China is making airbags to protect the elderly from falls.


A woman in Indonesia was swallowed whole by a python.


Dogs evolved new facial muscles in order that they could give humans “puppy dog eyes”.


Tragic story of a starving polar bear that traveled far from home and ended up looking for food in a Russian city.


This creature eats rocks and excretes sand.


This dog ate 19 pacifiers.


Elephant trick shots.



A very interesting fingernail look.




Scientists believe Saturn may not have had rings during the time that dinosaurs existed.

And they are still learning from data gathered before Cassini made its death plunge into Saturn.


The clouds seen above Mars may be the remains of meteors.

It is called a coronal mass ejection and if oriented towards us it wreaks havoc with our radio and electronic equipment and can knock out power grids. The ejection itself can travel millions of miles and is 1000s of times larger than Earth.


1969 was a great year for muscle cars. One comment though: DAMN CBS for wrecking so many Chargers, just for cheap stunts on a TV series.

I wonder if this 1966 Mustang wagon  concept would have been popular if it had been produced.





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