Asked My Date To Meet Me At The Gym, But She Never Showed Up… Guess the two of us aren’t going to work out



By the 1930s, Tesla had racked up a sizable bill at the Governor Clinton Hotel in Manhattan. He couldn’t afford the payment, so his logical solution was to offer them one of his inventions: A death beam.


The latest new way people are annoying Trump.


Researchers are speculating that the Great White was responsible for Megalodon’s extinction. As competition for prey, perhaps. See the image below to see why I doubt there was any direct conflict.







How much each artist was paid to attend and perform at Woodstock.




So there’s a Ned Flanders themed metal band. now, called Okilly Dokilly.


Who exactly do you think you’re fooling with this shit? I hate it when women change their entire appearance with makeup. Then they have the nerve to say guys aren’t honest.











Now where do you suppose she learned that, Mommy?






I haven’t decided yet whether I care for the look of this, but I’m leaning toward no.


This one appeals to me, though, so long as the parts were bought from the aftermarket or salvaged from a wreck.

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