Dunno if bobbing the teabag actually helps the tea steep faster but it sure is fun to feel a part of something



How can you tell if someone is a real asshole? When they are jealous of someone at his funeral because he is getting all the attention. What a spoiled brat.


I wonder how many other Canadians sometimes feel like this would be a good option.


Swimmers at a Las Vegas hotel watch a mushroom cloud from an atomic test 75 miles away, 1953


Frozen methane bubbles in lake Baikal, the deepest lake on Earth.



Not sure if I could be happy with a woman whose face comes off liked this. Not a fan of a lot of makeup.


Who in the world needs a $100,000 upholstered toilet? An entitled rich person.


A plane slicing through clouds.



Take it from me, wrinkle cream doesn’t work. I’ve been using it for two years and my balls still look like raisins.”
—-Harland Williams


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