Geology rocks but geography is where it’s at.



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Regular readers know of my beef with the Reddit sub Unethical Life Pro Tips. So, I am in the midst of a campaign, in retaliation for being banned a while ago. It may be petty, but it makes me feel better. I go to the sub every day and report a bunch of the posts that annoy me most as “rude/vulgar/offensive”. I have seen, on other subs, where this has been done, and it annoys people. And I hate this sub SO much. I think anyone I know, encountering people with these opinions/suggestions, would consider them an asshole.


What a world. Now people are getting beat up over insufficient ketchup in a take out order. Isn’t this stuff kept in big bins at the exit doors? I know it used to be. But then I guess the customer would have to get out of their car and go inside. Which might infuriate some people.


What would you guys think of a woman who stopped to have a snack, do makeup, or take a phone call during sex? This would not be a problem for me, because it wouldn’t last long enough to have time for a break.


So I learned, recently, that almost all the bread clips in the entire world are made by just one company.


How messed up is it to be so anti climate change that you order a satellite that was intended to study it to be destroyed? What a colossal waste of money.


The Sun caused dozens of sea mines to explode during the Vietnam War.


There are such things as albino trees.


I can’t understand why these countries can’t teach their people that there is ZERO medical benefit associated with rhino horns, so the slaughter of these endangered creatures can be stopped. And how would this falsehood even have been dreamed up?


Baby elephant getting familiar with manipulating its trunk.


People do some strange and potentially dangerous things in the quest for health. Bee acupuncture? What next?


Strange and disturbing behavior from a conservation center. They should be ashamed of themselves.



Ant face under an electron microscope.


Just found this and WOW! This has got to be one of the most powerful photographs I have ever seen. Above is a battalion of the Cameron Highlanders in 1914, prior to being dispatched to the front line; below is the same battalion upon their return in 1918 after the Armistice. With the centennial anniversary of the Armistice, lets remember the millions of souls who gave their lives defending our shores and preserving our freedom, and to those who survived the unimaginable horrors.


At first it may look like these shapes overlap. Look closer.


Is that really a wise thing to do?













Hardly surprising, I guess, since it is covered in cloud, but there is lightning on Jupiter.


Redneck limo.





Anyone else just feel like strangling the type of person who does this? Zero respect. At the little mall by my home I constantly see people park by the yellow line on the sidewalk which means NO PARKING rather than park in an actual parking spot and walk several extra feet. Regardless of whether this hinders traffic flow or blocks emergency vehicles.


One way to solve asshole parking.





Morris, a Neanderthal kid comes home to his cave with his final grades, places the big stone slab on the table, and immediately his dad takes it and looks at it shaking his head…… . . “D in language. I understand that; we don’t speak much, it’s the first few times that we grunt to communicate… E in math, I can understand: we are only up to 5… but F in history…c’mon… Nothing has happened here yet !



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