The cross-eyed teacher lost her job because she couldn’t control her pupils



Well, it’s not even October yet, and the Halloween posts are already starting to show up. I wish these keeners would just calm down.


If you ever think you’re having a bad day.


How does someone reach the age of 21 without having eaten cereal with milk? This also raises huge questions about her mother.


Would you pay 350 bucks for a pair of brand new, taped up sneakers? Or are you sensible?


Would you like to try “Mayochup”? I am glad it will not be coming to Canada.







“Fashion”, Who thinks this shit up? And who is stupid enough to actually buy it?








“Bridge to nowhere” spanning from Dandong, China into North Korea.




A Japanese billionaire will be the first passenger on that SpaceX trip around thee Moon.


He bought all the seats on that first flight, and will give them away.


Sure, Bubba.


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