All I ask is a chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.



So, this week I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive. On Tuesday, I narrowly avoided becoming the victim of a scam, to the tune of nearly 8000 dollars. I got a call from a person who claimed  to be with Revenue Canada, saying that they had determined that I owed a large sum in unpaid taxes, and that an arrest warrant had been issued. The only option I apparently had was to immediately forward the funds in cash. This seemed odd to me, but all I could think of was staying out of jail. I was to go to the bank, he said, withdraw the money, and I would be given instructions on how to forward it. I only had one hour to accomplish this. Well, the bank said they were only allowed to give out 3000 at one time. I relayed this to the person on the phone, who said that was OK. Then the bank teller asked what I needed so much cash for, and, despite having been cautioned by the person on the phone not to discuss this with anyone, I told the teller. The older teller next to her said that Revenue Canada does not contact people by phone. This seemed to be logical, Then the teller asked for my phone, and, when she confronted the caller, he hung up. So I left the bank with no cash, convinced this had all been a scam. When I got home, I did a reverse search on the phone number. It was from Breslau, Ontario. Now why would Revenue Canada have offices there, since it only has a population of 2400 people? Plus, when I read further, I saw that the number was associated with the very scam I had been prey to. And there was a story about a man who had lost over 10,000 dollars to it. He said he felt stupid, now, but, as with me, the threat of prison clouded his thinking. I also found, out on the Revenue Canada website, that they only contacted people via registered mail. So, everyone, please learn from this, and don’t let it happen to you.


Let me see if I have this straight. This latest shooting in Florida was over the culprit losing a game?


Then I saw this:


Bad/odd enough that one person doesn’t know how to have sex in the correct way to have children, but how rare would it have to be that both members of a married couple is oblivious to it?


Good grief! Who thinks this shit up?


How messed up is this?


Wanna win 11 grand? Have a baby on Sept 9th and name it Harland. Slim odds for low reward.


Just A Little Something I Would Like To Call… HELL NO!!


More kids being stupid. Parents, talk to your children about peer pressure.


Ever wonder how/why a mile came to be such an odd number as 5,280 feet long?


Shelter dog gives new owner a special “thank you” moment after being adopted.





Interesting and unique doggy chew toy that would certainly keep the neighbors out of your yard.


I don’t care how rich someone is, or how good it is, you’d have to be nuts to pay these prices for food. Especially water.








Airborne aerosols of the world, currenttly.


Comet 67P, visited by the Rosetta spacecraft  compared to Los Angeles.


How desperate was this guy for a ride?


This Ferrari GTO is the most valuable car ever auctioned. It sold for $48 million.




Q: What is the definition of “making love”?: Something a woman does while a guy is fucking her.


Douglas was being evaluated for mental problems and was asked by the doctor, “If a train was coming down the hallway toward you, what would you do?” Douglas replied, “I would get in my helicopter and fly away!” The doctor then asked, “Where did you get a helicopter from?” Douglas replied, “The same place you got that fucking train!”


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