Take my advice, I don’t use it anyway.


Take someone with Kanye West’s eccentricity, and give them lots of money, and the result can get very weird.


It seems amazing to me that in 1939 there were this many Nazis in America. And even more so that the press sympathized with them. 


Who in their right mind would buy a bottle of hot dog water, or believe it had any health benefits? Or pay $28 for it?


The Earth is turning on us for all the harm we have done to it.


Because humans just can’t seem to avoid making a mess, wherever they go.


These soccer fans got so excited over their team’s win that they triggered local seismometers.


Squirrel had a massive hoard of acorns stored.


Koko, the gorilla that learned sign language, has died,


This woman was attacked by a bobcat, and killed it with her bare hands.


An elephant that paints.





A myosin protein dragging an endorphin along a filament to the inner part of the brain’s parietal cortex which creates happiness. So, what you are looking at, here, is happiness/


Can someone really be this dense, or is this just a really bad joke?


Should also be good for hemorrhoids.




Considering how many truly stupid people there seem to be running around loose these days, I understand doing this.



Congratulations to the women of Saudi Arabia, who finally have the right to drive. And on the first day, Saudi police handed out roses to all female drivers they saw.




At Washington Gas, written orders are issued to change meters when they are old or malfunctioning. On the order sheet is a “remarks” section, where the service representative notes any problems that prevented the job from being completed. The most succinct explanation to ever come back was: “DOG DOES NOT WANT METER TO BE CHANGED.”


When a teenage girl smiles at a boy, he tries to decide what makes him so sexy. When a young lady smiles at a man in his fifties, he turns around to see who’s the handsome dude behind him. But when a female of any age smiles at a man of 80, he looks down to see if he’s unzipped.


Q. How do you find a blind man in a nudist colony?

A. It’s not hard.


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