Think positive. If you fall in the creek, check your pockets for fish.



Last week I expressed my changed attitude toward Kim Kardashian. I do not, however, admire her enough to support her as a candidate for U.S. president. Although I don’t think she could do a worse job than Trump.


Yet more proof of Trump’s insanity. Or is he so paranoid that he feels the need to destroy everything so it can’t be used against  him? That would still qualify as insanity. I guess when everything you say is a lie you don’t want any evidence left. That will be an interesting addition to someone’s resume. “What did you do at your last job??” “Taped the President’s letters back together after he tried to destroy them.”


Some of the oldest trees on Earth have suddenly started dying off, and climate change is the culprit.


This tree is so toxic, you can’t stand under it in the rain.


I don’t get it. Now Stallone is facing sexual assault charges. Another guy that, at one time, and possibly still, could have his choice of a wide range of beautiful women just for the asking. Besides the fact that assault is just plain wrong.


A new study reveals what kind of music unborn babies prefer.


A lot of animals are becoming nocturnal in an attempt to avoid humans.


The dog has an issue where his esophagus doesn’t work right; it doesn’t get food in there right because it’s all stretched out and stuff. So what dog owners (and cat owners and I guarantee you the cat ones look goofier) do is make a highchair and feed them upright so gravity can be a hero. It’s also really cute.



Dog uses treadmill in the rain.


“Excuse me, fellows, just taking my fair share.”








There is 400,000 pounds of trash on the Moon, left behind by human exploration.


If I had a vial of Moon dust, especially one given to me by Neil Armstrong, it would be my most prized possession.


Sigh. Some people act as if they never learned a thing in school. Not. A. Single. Clue.

That dot is Earth as seen from Saturn.



I’m interested in knowing how the driver managed to fuck up this badly.


Bride: “The two best things that I cook are meat loaf and apple dumplings.” Groom: “Which is this?”


A sergeant was passing the barracks after lights out, when he heard some voices from inside. He slammed open the door, and shouts. . .”Listen, you guys! A few minutes ago, you all heard me say ‘Good Night’. What you must realize, is that when I say “Good Night,” what I really mean is, “SHUT THE HECK UP!!” The room instantly fell silent. But after a few seconds a small voice could be heard from somewhere in the back of the darkened barracks. . .”Good Night, Sergeant!”


  Larry said, “I asked my wife what she’d do if I won the lottery. She said she’d take half and leave my ass. So I said, “Great!  I won $12.00; here’s $6.00…now get out!”


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