Supposedly I was created in God’s image. I don’t know… you’d think God would have a bigger penis than this.



Well, this certainly changed my opinion of Kim Kardashian as some airhead who only thought of herself.


This poor whale had so much plastic in its stomach it couldn’t swallow any food.


The length of an animal’s yawn is directly related to their brain size.







I got a few upvotes/likes for my comment on this, at the original posting, so I thought I would repeat it here. What I said was “It’s a lot easier to smile a lot when you’re rich.” But some replies simply enraged me. Like the one person who said “Don’t worry about money, it will come to you.” Yeah, all those homeless people who live on the street are there by choice.



It’s nearly impossible to avoid contaminating outer space.


Organic compounds have been detected on Mars,


This amazing video of the Moon setting behind Teide volcano in the Canary Islands is not a time lapse.







Kilauea’s lava flow can be seen from space.




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