Am I a perfect human being? No. But am I striving every day to be a better person? Also, no



Choking to death on a cucumber in a simulated oral sex contest. Her relatives would have been so proud.


No matter how good it is NO bottle of whiskey, or any other alcohol for that matter, is worth so much.


How does a complete moron like this even get elected? The voters would have to be equally stupid. It would take an awful lot of rocks to raise ocean levels even a bit. And this chuckle-head serves on the House SCIENCE, SPACE, and TECHNOLOGY Committee.


Hippos sometimes poop so much that all the nearby fish die.


Nearly 800 pound, 15 foot gator captured and killed in Okeechobee. This gator was feasting on cattle.






Okay…raise your hand if you feel old.
How about Klinger, now 83 years old. Hot Lips Hoolahan is 80!






Huh? Might want to check your offer again.


No running water in your house or what, lady?



Good grief. 


NASA is sending a helicopter to Mars in 2020.


Who buys octopuses being from outer space?

Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years. December 3rd, 2012.

A deep-space journey into the heart of Nebula Gum 29, brought to you by the Hubble Space Telescope.


There’s a reason they call it “Girls Gone Wild,” and not “Women Gone Wild.” When girls go wild they show their tits. When women go wild, they poison their husband’s food!”


The guy from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, was sick of winter, so he went to a travel agent and booked a trip to Australia. When he got off the plane—still dressed for Canadian winter weather—he wandered into a pub and sat down. The locals wondered about this stranger, so one of the Aussies walked over to the visitor and said,  “G’day, mate. Where you hail from?”  “Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,” the Canadian proudly replied.  “Oh,” said the Aussie, taken back and returning to his table. “So where’s he from?” the other locals asked.  “Don’t know,” replied the Aussie. “He don’t speak English.”


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