Looking for the she to my nanigans.


Being embalmed alive would have to be one of the worst ways to go.


I consider this a very good decision.


If they can’t even keep drunks out of schools, how are they going to keep real criminals out? Poor security, especially considering where this happened. And proof that arming teachers is a bad idea.


This macaw learned the shush sound as well as the gesture.









I have a beard, but no way would I decorate it with flowers.








I would love to visit space, but could never afford the price.


IDIOTS. If the Earth is flat, how is an airplane able to keep flying in one direetion and end up back where it started? Not to mention all of the actual pictures and videos of our planets which have been taken from space. But  these people honestly believe world governments are spending unlimited time and money to perpetuate a cover-up. Not to mention no one involved ever letting the truth slip,


…and these losers must live under the same rock,





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