Why don’t ants get sick? Because of their little antybodies.


Yet anther way to turn children into adults who can’t face the real world.


Well. there goes my respect for Shania Twain. “Honest”? Seriously? The motherfucker can’t open his mouth without lying.


But, after a lot of negative feedback, she tried to weasel out.



A fossilized mammoth tooth.


I found the story behind that picture of the elephant and the lions that I posted last week.







Lava bubble, 20 metres tall. Known to volcanologists as a dome fountain, we have here an example of this uncommon phenomenon in molten basalt snapped in October 1969 at Mauna Ulu volcanic cone on Kilauea’s Eastern Rift Zone in Hawaii. This vent was active between May 1969 and July 1974, producing 350 million cubic meters of lava during that time (some 140,000 Olympic-size swimming pools) . The main driver of volcanic eruptions is degassing; as the pressure of the weight of rock releases on the magma’s journey up towards the surface volatiles such as water and CO2 are forced out of solution as the energetic conditions change the parameters that matter can occupy.

NGC 7635, also called the Bubble Nebula, Sharpless 162, or Caldwell 11.


Sunset on Mars.

The Andromeda galaxy is the same size as the Milky Way, not three times as massive like astronomers previously thought.


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