Beef jerky is just cow raisins.


Something I just learned: 

While using your laptop in the night/dark, there’s an option in Windows 10 to enable Night light which is easier on your eyes.

To enable this:

1) Right-click on your Desktop and select Display settings

2) Enable the Night light option


If I had kids, I would sincerely hope they would be intelligent enough to refrain from eating laundry detergent.



Just an example of how out of control the problem is.


Some thoughts into the reasoning behind it.


And just in case anyone is still silly enough to consider doing it, here’s what will happen to your body.



Well, this sucks. I did not know Tom Petty was that into hard drugs.


AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on banjo and spoons.


Large offshore wind farms could greatly reduce  hurricane damage.







Note: In the interest of fair play I searched for one of these for men but couldn’t find one.



Am you kidding?




Processed image of an actual virus taken by an electron microscope. It is called bacteriophage. A specific virus that destroys/eats bacteria. It is not a real danger for humans but it can destroy a production eg of yogurt by eating the bacteria that ferment milk to yogurt. However they can be very beneficial because they can be used to detect pathogens (Listeria), in food for example, or even destroy them.


NASA once thought female astronauts would want to wear makeup in space.


A Size Comparison of Three Generations of Mars Rovers.


I dunno, pretty sure that wouldn’t have fooled me.





  “A new study suggests that marriage is more beneficial for men than women. The results of the study were shouted at me through a locked bedroom door.” -Seth Meyers


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