Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand. 


I think you have to be a bit nuts to surf in the ocean when the water is literally freezing.


I find this type of automated manufacturing fascinating.


Foot flavored chicken? Yeah, I’ll pass.


Some Australian birds intentionally spread wildfires to flush out prey.





“Oh, Hell no!”




Staged for a laugh, or did someone catch their wife being a bit thick?






I always wondered how they dug those paths through extremely deep snow.


Huge, deep, deposits of ice have been discovered on Mars.


Before space flight became common, NASA wasn’t sure if humans could swallow in zero gravity.


Zoom in to the Horsehead Nebula.


In 2007, the @HiRISE instrument on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took this photo of Jupiter … from orbit around Mars.


No helmet, no leathers, No apparent need to protect those looks she seems so eager to show off.




Well, that worked out great!


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