I was so poor growing up…If I wasn’t born a boy….  I’d have nothing to play with.


Bad enough to become a victim of a mass shooting. But it must really hurt to be accused of making it up.


Scientists have discovered a previously unknown void inside the Great Pyramid, using cosmic rays.


Your dog can smell if you are happy.











“Which one of these do you think is the blonde?” was the question.

Apparently, the one holding up the wrong leg. Although I don’t necessarily subscribe to the theory that blondes are not as smart.


Jupiter’s Southern auroras are acting oddly.


A documentary I really want to watch is coming to PBS on Nov. 15.
https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/11/set-an-alert-do- 15not-miss-the-farthest-on-pbs/


Lincoln Capri Sportsman Convertible-1955



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