Roses are red, that much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue


Another of my favorite musicians, Gord Downie, has passed away. Unfortunately, he had developed a brain tumor.


Some people are fortunate to have not only a lot of talent, but, also, the patience to put it to good use.

Missed their chance for a serious reality check.


Some people can’t seem to do anything without trying to cheat.






Laura Joplin looks around while her famous older sister Janis talks to an interviewer while at the 10th anniversary of her high school class reunion at Port Arthur’s Thomas Jefferson High School, August 1970






Apparently, the Sun can electrically charge Mars’ moon Phobos.


Gravitational waves explained.




I happened to meet a marriage broker while drinking at a local bar. When he heard I was divorced,  
He said, “Don’t let it get too late. I have exactly the woman you need. You only have to say the word and you’ll meet and be married in no time!”  “Don’t bother,” I replied “I’ve two sisters at home, who look after all my needs….I am happy with that arrangement.”  “That’s all well and good, but all the sisters in the world cannot fill the role of a wife.”  “I said ‘two sisters’…. I didn’t say they were mine!”


The day care teacher holds up a picture and asks, “What’s this?” “A horsey,” one child answers. “And this?” the teacher asks. “A piggy,” replies another youngster. “And now this one?” asks the teacher, holding up a picture of a male deer with a beautiful rack of antlers. There was no answer, only total silence. “Come now, children,” she coaxes, “I’ll give you a little hint. What does your Mommy call your Daddy when he hugs and kisses her a lot?” “I know! I know!!” exclaims one little girl. “It’s a horny bastard!”


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