How are tornadoes and marriage alike?  They both begin with a lot of sucking and blowing, and in the end you lose your house. 


There seems to be a move toward reversing Trump’s anti environmental decisions. It’s about time people started standing up to this blowhard.


Dumb 911 calls.


The Chinese are running out of places to bury their dead.


The Inuit are warning that the Earth has shifted.


Apparently, it is possible to tell if someone is lying to you via text.


I had never thought about it, but how Jane Goodall became the famous anthropologist is an interesting story.



This dog has an issue where his esophagus doesn’t work right; it doesn’t get food in there right because it’s all stretched out and stuff. So what dog owners do is make a highchair and feed them upright so gravity can be a hero. It’s also really cute. The disorder is called Megaesophagus.






Astronomers are frantically working to point telescopes around the world at an asteroid (or comet) traveling too fast to be from our solar system.


I had not been aware that Rolls once built a truck,





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