Why is it that doctors call what they do “practice”? 


An engineer explains why you should always order the largest pizza available.


Too much work to push your child around on the carousal? Try this.


Another good reason not to get a tattoo,  especially if you don’t know what the symbol means.


That huge iceberg  that broke off of Antarctica has begun to move away from the coast.


And another large berg has broken off a different area of the ice sheet.


I think if you’re dumb enough to get an eye tattoo, you deserve anything bad that happens.


If someone you know likes rap or heavy metal, apparently they are more likely to be psychopathic.


There is so much plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean that creatures are migrating across on it.


Pet birds that escape are teaching wild birds to speak human.






How do people like this live with themselves, not to mention get elected to public office?


I would like to own one of these oufits.


An alternative to speedbumps.



Defendant: “Your Honor, I’m being unfairly accused of robbery because I’m a locksmith by profession!” Judge: “Can you explain what you were doing at the scene of the crime when the police arrived?” Defendant: “Just making a bolt for the door!”


  I don’t remember: is “blowjob” one word or two? God, I hate writing thank you notes!


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