Antartica is an island with only a northern coast.


Welcoming yet another new follower to the blog this week. Glad to have you on board.


I don’t like tattoos. I think they are ugly, especially on women. And when your own body tries to remove them, one has to think they are a bad idea.


Interesting story of how a fight move in the Star Trek series became known as the worst punch in TV history.


Sony has developed wearable speakers.





What I see when I notice someone using an iPhone. A new iPhone costs $1000. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A PHONE! I got my Blackberry for free when I signed up for a year of phone service


BULLSHIT! The Africa in Google Earth that hasn’t been manipulated looks nothing like a horse head.










Is this even possible? How can a person in free fall keep up with an aircraft in flight?


The last image Cassini captured before its demise.


This bike does 0 to 100 kph in .55 seconds powered by water.




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