If I had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive, they would eventually find me attractive.


Listen, people, please stop writing in asking which blog host I use. It says “WordPress” right there n thee url. And, to the person who was annoyed that their comment wasn’t published, I don’t approve any comments, but be aware that I do read them all. Also, if whomever is responsible for the deluge of fake passport spam reads this, kindly bugger off with your crap. It will NEVER be published here.


I wonder what Trump thinks of borders between countries that aren’t even marked, not to mention not having/wanting  walls.


So, are we really headed toward World War 3?

Funny, though, that the big mouth had nothing to say about the recent white supremacist rally. Seems like tacit support, doesn’t it? I read that he actually walked off on reporters who asked him about it. Then, when he finally did say something, he said the violence came from many sides.




It’s not enough for greedy corporate executives to see a rise in business. Oh, no, they just see an opportunity to gouge their loyal customers.


I don’t like guns, so this is especially offensive to me.


Someone posted a video of them peeling a peach, and people lost it.


Since marijuana is legal in Portland, some genius figured it would be okay to smoke a joint in the courthouse there.


I don’t understand the appeal of a sandwich without bread. It just seems messy.


The  Graham cracker was invented with thee intent of curbing sexual urges.


The only child I was ever involved with was four by the time I started dating his mother, but he never acted up. Apparently, that’s not true of all children.


…and these people weren’t even high. As if that would have been an excuse.


Interesting new advertisement from Heineken. Definitely not your typical beer commercial.









There are supposed to be 16 circles in this image. I could not see one. Neither could a lot of other people. No explanation was given for it.


Then, I found this. Seems like bullshit, though. Those supposed circles that are drawn in aren’t based on anything I see in the actual image.


Then, I saw the image again, on another site, and, suddenly, the circles appeared. Once I saw them, I checked back on the original version I had posted here, and there they were. So I take back my “bullshit” comment.


Here’s one that I could see. The lines appear to be at angles to each other, but are actually parallel. For me, they straightened out as I looked from one side to the other.



If I could get serious for a moment. WOW, Those words “tried to erase the race” really struck me.










How to get shot by the cops.


Not quite a threat to Jackie Chan.



I wonder if the owner is dumb enough to try to claim them.



When you don’t feel like having sex with your girlfriend for a while.


SETI has a plan in the event that they detect actual signs of extraterrestrial life.


There are regular lava tidal waves on Jupiter’s moon Io.


China has built the world’s largest telescope, but they have no one who knows how to operate it.


For about $400 you can fly along the shadow’s path during  the upcoming solar eclipse. Providing you can also get to and from Portland and Atlanta.


This Rolls Royce has a musical tailpipe that can be played with a keyboard like an organ.


The front end of a 1931 Chrysler.




With only 77 ever made, one of the rarest supercars in the world, the Aston Martin One-77.






Patient: “During my operation, I heard the surgeon use a four-letter word that upset me very much.” Nurse: “What word was that?” Patient: “Oops!”


He was a widower and she a widow. They had known each other for a number of years, having been high school classmates and having attended class reunions in the past without fail. This 60th anniversary of their class, the widower, and the widow made a foursome with two other singles. They had a wonderful evening, their spirits high, with the widower throwing admiring glances across the table and the widow smiling coyly back at him. Finally, during one dance, he picked up the courage to ask her, “Will you marry me?” After about 6 seconds of careful consideration, she answered, “Yes, yes I will!” Needless to say, the evening ended on a happy note for the widower. However, the next morning he was troubled. Did she say “Yes” or did she say `No`? He couldn’t remember. Try as he would, he just could not recall. He went over-and-over the conversation of the previous evening, but his mind was blank. He remembered asking the question, but for the life of him could not recall her response. With fear and trepidation, he picked up the phone and called her. First, he explained that he couldn’t remember as well as he used to Then he reviewed the past evening. As he gained a little more courage, he then inquired of her, “When I asked if you would marry me, did you say “Yes” or did you say “No”? “Why, you silly man,” she replied, I said Yes. Yes, I will! And I meant it with all my heart!” The widower was delighted. He felt his heart skip a beat. Then she continued. “And I’m so glad you called. I couldn’t remember who asked me.


A police car pulled up in front of grandma Bessie’s house, and grandpa got out. The polite policeman explained that the elderly gentleman said that he was lost in the park… and couldn’t find his way home. “Morris,” said grandma, “You’ve been going to that park for over 30 years! How come you get lost today?” Leaning close to grandma, so that the policeman couldn’t hear, grandpa whispered, “I wasn’t lost . . . I was just too tired to walk home.”


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