Pobody’s Nerfect


Apparently, onions are becoming a rarity in Iran.


If too few cucumbers in your salad drives you to threats, you need to reduce your stress,


It’s a sad state of society when half of a city’s mayoral candidates are convicted felons. They will still likely get a lot of votes.


This administration is so screwed up.


Donald Trump’s tweets printed on toilet paper. Currently sold out.


Amazing. Scientists have traced genetics back to reproduce what the first flower looked like.


Imagine your lady undressing, and discovering her underwear is covered in artificial turf


Really, people?


How much marijuana does someone have to smoke to make them want to have sex with a donkey?


Bee Gees/AC DC mashup.


Titanoboa cerrejonensis lived 58 to 60 million years ago and is estimated to have been an astonishing 42.5 feet (13 meters) long. This is a replica of its skeleton.


Aaaand Japan is at it again, with the oddness.



The sheer look of joy on this dogs face!



Why I hate Tumblr pages that use a theme which does not fill the full screen. It took me way too long to figure out that this was a dog with a cup on its nose, rather than a cup emitting steam. Hard to figure that out with a tiny picture.





The Reader’s Digest page that originally posted this picture challenged viewers to find the turtle among the lily pads in 45 seconds. I looked for more than two minutes, and tried again, later, but couldn’t spot it.





Don’t do a trust fall unless you really, really, trust your catchers. Proper planning is also a good idea.


Hail damage on an Airbus A320 which landed through a severe hailstorm.  


Something I had never wondered, before, but a very interesting question. How would sounds on Mars compare to the same ones on Earth?


Several times per week, the DSN antennas capture signals from the two Voyager spacecraft, which are exploring the edge of interstellar space. Their signal has a received power 20 billion times weaker than that of a digital wristwatch.


A few issues ago, I posted a new photo of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, taken by the Juno spacecraft, that I was disappointed in. This one, captured by the Voyager probe in 1979, is more what I was thinking of. It seems to show more detail, as well as a sense of depth.


No idea  where this is, but I really love these night sky timelapses.


The evening of August 5, 2012…five years ago…the Mars Curiosity rover landed on the Red Planet.






Look at ME!” boasted the fit old man to a group of young people. “Every morning I do fifty push-ups, fifty sit-ups, and walk two miles. I’m fit as a fiddle! And you want to know why? I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t stay up late, and I don’t chase after women!” He smiled at them, teeth white, eyes glittering, “And tomorrow, I’m going to celebrate my 95th birthday!” “Oh, really?” drawled one of the young onlookers, How?


Over dinner, Barbie, the Blonde wife said to her husband, “I met this horrible and rude man downtown this morning, and right away I knew he was a trouble- maker. He started to insult me; he used really bad language; he even threatened me!” “How did you meet this fellow?” the husband asked, very concerned. She replied, “Well, we met by accident, I hit him with the car.” 


When the office printer’s type began to grow faint, the office manager called a local repair shop where a friendly man informed him that the printer probably needed only to be cleaned. Because the store charged $50 for such cleanings, he said, the manager might try reading the printer’s manual and doing the job himself. Pleasantly surprised by his candor, the office manager asked, “Does your boss know that you discourage business?” “Actually it’s my boss’s idea,” the employee replied. “We usually make more money on repairs if we let people try to fix things themselves first.” 


Fifteen days ago, I read that smoking can kill you. The next day I stopped smoking. Twelve days ago, I read that too much red meat can kill you; The next day I stopped eating red meat.. Eight days ago, I read that drinking can kill you; 
The next day I stopped drinking. Yesterday, I read that having sex can kill you; This morning I stopped reading.


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