Lead your life so you won’t be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.


This made me wonder about the process whereby someone thought Texans needed to be able to open carry swords, then convinced enough other people of it to make it a law.


A porn company is planning to let customers use their penis to log in.


China has removed all trace of Winnie the Pooh from social media in that country.  And for the oddest reason.


Apparently, a lot of Japanese girls are not able to inflate a balloon.


Flyover country is a phone app that lets you discover the locations you travel above.


All about land of the strays, in Costa Rica, a home for all dogs.


This is how sperm whales sleep.





It actually took me less than a minute. See how you do. It should be fairly easy, since the picture is zoomed in, here, about twice the size of the original.






This gif shows the development of the human face in the womb.




A waterfall of mist flowing over the cliffs of West Bay in Dorset.




This kid lost the race because he was having so much fun that he started over again.







You can now explore the Space Station via Google Maps.


Interesting article about a brown dwarf star that closely orbits a white dwarf, and actually used to be inside it.


A group of young Russians recently launched a satellite that may be so bright it will interfere with astronomy.


If you know what’s good for you, you will not accuse Buzz Aldrin of faking the moon landing, as Bart Sibrel did in 2002.



I had not been aware that Mercedes made a pickup truck. Apparently they will only be sold in South Africa, along with Europe, Australia, and South America.






 Bloke walks into a bar with an elephant. “This elephant will do anything,” he announces proudly. “All right,” says the barman. “Make it stand on one leg.” So the bloke lifts the elephant’s ear up and whispers something to the elephant. Moments later the great grey beast lifts itself up onto its hind legs then carefully balances itself up on one leg. The crowd in the bar go wild with enthusiastic cheering. “Very clever,” says the barman. “Now lets see it fuck my cat.” And so saying, he plonks the genial bar cat onto the bar. The bloke with the elephant thinks a moment then takes the cat and places it on the floor in front of the elephant (who is still poised Bolshoi like on one leg). He gets up on tip toe and whispers something in the elephant’s ear. As silence descends on the drinkers in the bar, the man steps back and the elephant teeters over and comes crashing down, splattering Tiddles across the floor. “There you go,” says the bloke. “That’s fucked it.” 


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