How important do you have to be to have been “assassinated” instead of “murdered”?


WELCOME! To the latest new follower to my little group!


This pleases me, even though it is unlikely to actually happen. I am just glad to learn some of the US government is fed up with Trump’s BS. It would be so satisfying to see him humbled.


Some people have no limit on just how low they will go.


Now people are snorting chocolate to get high.

Doctors don’t recommend it.


What kind of person do you suppose would want fake hairy legs?–Other–Gear.html


Interesting story of one of the best Allied spies of World War II.


That piece of the Antarctic ice shelf that had been threatening to break off finally did so. And it is huge.


Dude checked a single can of beer as his only luggage on an Australian flight.


I think this artist has a lot of talent.


I believe the secret to the survival of these people is not only a high physical tolerance, but also the ability to afford a high quality product.


A photographer was sued into bankruptcy by a monkey.


A brown bear walks up and sits next to a group of bear watchers.



Canadian golf hazard.




“Oh, yeah. That’s the spot!”












This image shows seemingly plain fields and houses from the interior of the United States. They seem to be just average residential plots, but look closely at the fields. They’re dotted with patches of lighter material.
Those patches of lighter material are sand that shot upwards out of the ground. Their remnants on the surface today testify to the events of 1812, when the largest earthquake in recorded history struck the interior of the United States at a place called New Madrid, Missouri. They were produced after the earthquake when sand layers liquefied and were shot upwards into the air due to the shaking; they’re known as sand blows.




Virtual flyover of Pluto, courtesy of Nasa.


So, the anticipated close up image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, via the Juno spacecraft, has been released. I am somewhat underwhelmed, unfortunately. I expected more detail. And, somehow, more of a sense of depth. This image doesn’t look much different than any other I have seen.


This seems like a waste of both time and money.




Well, that’s something you don’t see every day, A Rolls dragster.




A six-year-old comes crying to his mother because his little sister pulled his hair. “Don’t be angry,” the mother says, “Your little sister doesn’t realize that pulling hair hurts.” A short while later, there’s more crying, and the mother goes to investigate. This time the sister is bawling and her brother says, “She knows now.”


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