Would whoever found my voodoo doll…please give it a rest.


I not only did NOT laugh once at any of these, I considered most of them lame. Also, how old is this page? Several of the posts no longer exist.


“Fashion”. I would not be caught dead in any of these outfits.



It is so hot in the Southwest U.S. that airplanes have trouble staying aloft.


This restaurant in Phoenix had an interesting response to the heat.


Well, this is just sad. And so, so, wrong.


Makes me wonder how long it is going to take to fix everything this administration is screwing up. And how, exactly, did these people get so clueless?


What to do if the Trumpcare kills you?


If you find brown patches on your lawn, best not to disturb them. And don’t worry about them.


Horse rocks a crying baby.





That cow might not be so friendly if it knew its future.


It is wrong to pick on girls. Besides, you never know what they are capable of. 










As awesome as this video is, I can’t help but feel that whomever filmed it took an unnecessary risk.


Is there a tenth planet in our solar system?


A solar eclipse and the Milky Way seen from the ISS.


The blue rectangle in the center of this picture is the Curiosity rover, as seen from orbit by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.


Is Chrysler planning on producing a modern version of the ‘Cuda?


That is one lucky kid.




A minister told his congregation, “Next week I plan to preach about the sin of lying. To help you understand my sermon, I want you all to read Mark 17.” The following Sunday, as he prepared to deliver his sermon, the minister asked for a show of hands. He wanted to know how many had read Mark 17.  Every hand went up.  The minister smiled and he admonished them, “Mark has only 16 chapters!  I will now proceed with my sermon on the sin of


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