I never wanted to believe that my Dad was stealing from his job as a road worker. But when I got home, all the signs were there.


Another new follower this week. Welcome!


For some reason, this site has become popular with the Russian spammers, lately. Proving, I  guess, that spammers don’t really check to see if where they send their crap can actually read it,


There is also a serious email scam going around that we should all learn about.


Handling limes in the sun is not recommended’


If you ever become famous, save your prescription pill bottles. They could benefit your next 9f kin, financially.


Today I learned that “Mary had a little lamb” was a true story.


Like beer? You’ll love this.


Or, if you prefer gin, and live in Canada, you can look for this unique code on the bottle, and get a bonus alcohol percentage.


A small test of a plan to restore Arctic ice is currently underway in Switzerland.


I have given up completely on compiling music playlists. It seems my readers are not music lovers, as the playlists get very few, if any, listens. But, here is what I think is an interesting bluegrass cover of Elton John’s Rocket Man.   


The frork. What advertising genius dreamed up this useless piece of shit?


Well, this is disturbing.


It’s well known that dogs don’t like vacuums. This dog found its own solution.


Escaped pet birds in Australia are teaching wild birds to talk.


Photographer Phoo Chan captured shots of a raven overtaking, and landing on, an eagle in flight.





I read, recently, that Led Zeppelin may be reuniting for one special show, later this year.








Another new trend that’s being called the big new thing for women – marble lipstick.  Once again,  I am not overly impressed.





What is the speed of a comet? “Typically, for a comet at 1 Astronomical Unit (AU) (the average distance of the earth from the sun), it would have a speed around 10 – 70 km/s. Compare this to the earth’s orbital speed of 25 km/s.”








A statuesque blonde walked into a dinner party on the arm of a bald, elderly, scowling tycoon. A society lady approached the young lovely to admire the huge shimmering gemstone hanging around her neck. “I must tell you,” the matron exclaimed, “that you are wearing the most incredible piece of jewelry I have ever seen.” “That,” the blonde responded, “is the one-and-only Blanton Diamond.” “I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it,” the woman marveled. “I
study famous gems as a hobby.” “Well,” the chippy revealed, “the Blanton Diamond has an ancient, unspeakably evil curse attached to it.” “Really?” the woman queried. “What could that be?” The blonde grimaced and gestured toward the tycoon. “Mr. Blanton, over there.”


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