I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn’t have signed up in the first place!


To the person who asked if anyone else was having trouble with the images on this site loading: No one else gas mentioned it, and I have no idea what might be causing your problem.


Trump started an anti immigrant hotline. People are trolling it with stories of space aliens.


The story of William Hitler, Adolph’s nephew.











This famous picture reveals the shimmering green band of airglow in our atmosphere. The bright light looking like a meteor is the space shuttle Atlantis, snapped after leaving the International Space Station on its last ever flight back down to Earth.




An old Oxford professor is nearing retirement and decides that he wants to do something fun for once. He’s spent his whole life researching scientific theories in his lab and wants to do something outside for a change, so he asks his assistant for a suggestion of something different to go and research. This assistant is a bit of a git and decides he’ll play a prank on the old man, and suggests he research ‘sheep shagging’. The professor thinks this is a great idea and heads off to Wales to begin his research. He heads out to the countryside and finds a farmer to quiz about his unnatural habits. The professor greets him and asks if he’s got time to answer a couple of quick questions. “No problem boyo,” says the farmer, “go right ahead.” Well,” said the professor, “what I’d like to know first is, do you
own any sheep here?” “Of course boyo, biggest farm for miles round here I have. We’ve got loads of ’em” “Great, now the next question is a bit personal – do you use your sheep for sex?” “Ohh, too right boyo. There’s three or four out there who are my particular favourites.” “So, how exactly do you …. do it?” “Well, normally I take them down to the river, I slap their back feet in my wellies, the sheep pushes back from the water, bloody heaven boyo” The professor thanks him and heads for the airport. Having heard about the Kiwis, he heads out to New Zealand with exactly the same plan. He finds a farm, talks to the farmer and gets the same responses. “Round up the sheep, head ’em up towards a cliff and off you go. Back feet in my boots, sheep pushing back from the cliff, bloody marvelous mate.”  
Again, the professor thanks him and decides that his research needs only one more addition. So he jets off to the world centre of sheep shagging, Australia. Once in Australia, he drives out to the bush, finds the biggest farm he can and knocks on the farmhouse door. He repeats his questions to the farmer. “Too right mate. Usually I stick their back legs in me wellies, front legs over me shoulders and away we go!” “So the sheep faces you? That’s strange – I’ve been talking to people around the world about this, and they all do it with the sheep facing away from them.” The Aussie is shocked. For a few seconds he can’t speak, then he manages to stutter: “What? No kissing?”


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