What do you get when you mix holy water with prune juice? A religious movement.


OK, I finally feel that I have gathered enough content to make publishing worthwhile. This may also be the change to a weekly posting schedule, unless I find a lot more content I like.


How are you at grammar? I only got 8 of 10 on his 3rd grade test.


A collector was restoring a tank when he found $2.4 million worth of gold hidden inside.


Imagine discovering that you are married to your fraternal twin.


A pair of inmates in an Ohio prison built themselves computers, and went on a crime spree.


There is a whale swimming off the coast of California with its head caught in a metal frame.


When Parisians were forced to eat zoo animals to survive.





Regular readers now how I feel about Beyoncé.





This historical piece looks like glass, but was carved and engraved from a huge quartz crystal. The original vase is Islamic, created in the Fatimid caliphate of Egypt in the late 10th century CE. The goldwork is Italian and dates from the 11th century CE. It was given by Roger 2 of Sicily (where there were many centuries of co-existence between Christians and Muslims) to Theobald 2 (Count of Champagne). It was later donated by the count to the abbey treasury at St Denis, and moved to the Louvre when the monastic treasures were confiscated during the revolution in 1793. Size 24 high x 13 Cm wide.


Fossilized ammonite pavement outside a museum, Lyme Regis, England.







“Feather” eyebrows is, apparently, the hot new look for women. Personally, I don’t care for it.


The first image of a black hole may soon be available.


The planets of our Solar System, in a bottle.


Hubble has just given us new images of Uranus, its rings, and auroras.



This is considered to be the best photo of the Orion Constellation ever taken.


This 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS Goute d’Eau Coupe by Figoni et Falaschi is expected to bring up to $4.45 million at the RM Sotheby’s Villa d’Este auction in Lake Como, Italy.


An elderly Italian man who lived on the outskirts of Monte Casino went to the local church for confession. When the priest slid open the panel in the confessional, the man said, “Father, during World War II, a beautiful woman knocked on my door and asked me to hide her from the enemy. So I hid her in my attic.” The priest replied, “That was a wonderful thing you did, my son! And you have no need to confess that.” “It’s worse than that, Father. She started to repay me with sexual favors.” The priest said, “By doing that, you were both in great danger However, two people under those circumstances can be very tempted to act that way.  But if you are truly sorry for your actions, you are
indeed forgiven.” “Thank you, Father. That’s a great load off my mind. BUT I do have one more question.” “And what is that?” asked the priest. “Should I tell her the war is over?


It was two nights ago; I was sitting, watching television when the phone rang. “Hello?” A girl’s voice came over the line. “Can I speak to Ben, please?” I live by myself, and my name definitely is not Ben. It was probably a wrong number and I was bored. I replied, “I’m sorry, he’s not in right now. Can I take a message?” “Do you know what time he’ll be back?” she responded. “I think he said he’d be home around 10:00.” Silence on the other end…a confused silence. “Is this Steve?” This was definitely a wrong number. So I replied, “Yes, it is. Do you want to leave a message for Ben?” “Well…he said he would be home tonight and asked me to call him,” she said in a slightly irritated voice. I replied, “Well, he went out with Karen about an hour ago, and said that he would be back at 10:00.” A shocked voice now: “Who’s Karen?!” “The girl he went out with.” “I know that! I mean…who is she?” “I don’t know her last name. Look, do you want me to leave a message for Ben?” “Yes…please do. Tell him to call me when he gets home.” She was sounding pretty irate at this point, and I could hear her temper flaring. “I sure will. Is this Jennifer?” She exploded, “Who’s Jennifer?” Apparently she wasn’t. “Well…he’s going out with Jennifer at 10:00. I thought you were her. Sorry…it was an honest mistake.” “Ben’s the one that’s made the mistake! Tell him that Alice called him and the she’s very upset, and that I would like him to call me as soon as he gets home.” I smiled and said, “Okay, I will…but Becky isn’t going to like this….”

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During a visit to a mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director, “How do you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized?” “Well,” said the Director, “we fill up a bathtub, and then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup, and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub.” “Oh, I understand.” said the visitor. “A normal person would use the bucket because it’s bigger than the spoon or the teacup.” “No,” said the Director, “A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?”


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