Those of you who think you know everything are very annoying to those of us who do.


Welcome! to the latest follower to join my little group.


Scientists have discovered a previously unknown function our lungs perform.


Filed under “Do we really need this?”


According to Apple, this is the future of electronic devices. Personally, I am not interested.


NOT the guy you want to learn gun safety from.





26-inch thick armor from Japanese Yamato class battleship, pierced by a US Navy 16-inch gun. The armor is on display at the US Navy Museum in Washington D.C.





Titan’s lakes might be fizzy.


Mount Etna erupting, as seen from the International Space Station. That is it in the lower left of the photo (the red lines).


This Bob Hirohata 1951 Mercury is one of three historic custom cars that will be honored in a special display at the National Mall in Washington DC.



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