How come we never hear any father-in-law jokes?


Yet another new follower, this week. Welcome!


Regular readers know I am not overly impressed by most “smart” devices, and a smart cock ring would have to be up toward the top of the useless list.


I don’t think much of an iPhone case that looks like a kitchen sponge, either.


Another strike against the iPhone. I am amused.


Being interviewed from your home on live TV might not be the best idea, especially if you have young children.


Well, fuck. Now rhinos aren’t even safe in zoos.


This turtle was found to have more than 900 coins in its stomach. The coins had been thrown into its pool for “good luck”. Not very lucky for the turtle.


Rhino loves belly rubs.



Vessels of a Pig Eye


These two are so lucky that bear was docile. And, probably, that they weren’t carrying any food.




I guess you could ignore all the strange looks you would get, but wouldn’t the noise dragging microwaves around would create drive a person crazy?



Madness grips a shell shocked soldier during the Battle of the Somme, 1916 





All about Pan, Saturn’s tiny, walnut shaped moon.




If you are saddened when your car gets a paint chip, imagine how you would feel if your car was painted with diamond dust.


This 91 year old grandma still knows how to have fun,



If that was my Corvette, I would have come completely unglued. “You better have some damn goo insurance, asswipe!” How does someone even accomplish something like that? 



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