Sometimes, I wake up grumpy, but usually, I’ll let her sleep.



So, we are supposed to believe that an hour of lost sleep completely changes a judge’s decision making ability? And, why are these people not smart enough to adjust their sleep cycles to make up for the loss?


The story of the only human known to have been struck by a meteorite.


The site I followed the link to this article from called the woman an idiot. I wouldn’t go that far, but one would think she still should have checked the pockets on the clothing she was giving away. If anyone, was dumb here, though, it would be the husband who hid money in a shirt. Put it in a savings account, where it will earn a bit of interest.$8000-cash-stash-accidentally-donated-at-placentia-goodwill/1755437/


I will agree that money isn’t everything, but I also believe that, if you can’t make yourself happy after winning a substantial amount of it, you have no imagination.


A bunch of awesome wooden sculptures carved with a chainsaw.


McDonald’s re-engineered their straws to make inhaling a Shamrock Shake easier.


What kind of person wants to get married at a fast food restaurant?


Carlos Santana sort of backed away from his recent statement about why Beyoncé didn’t win the top Grammy award.


According to Rolling Stone, anyway, I fit the profile of most of those who voted against Beyoncé.


If you poop on a plane, and force it to make an emergency landing, you may want to change your diet.


With rising sea levels, the world is running out of sand, and coastal beaches must be rebuilt.


This is truly weird. AC/DC’s Highway To Hell played in Bavarian style.


Seeing someone dangling from the Cayan Tower in Dubai is not what I would call entertaining, or even really interesting, but someone convinced model Viktoria Odintcovia to do it. I was not able to figure out why. Some “arty” photos, I suppose. And to attract attention to herself. She posted the photos to her Instagram account.

This man seems a bit obsessed with antlers.


Anyone else think the strangest thing in this picture is the Christmas tree in the bathroom? Well, not really a bathroom, more like a tub/shower in a corner. Totally screwed up household, regardless. There’s something wrong with a guy who wants a photo lie that.


Not a sculpture of burned bodies, just lava which had naturally flowed, and cooled.






I see this statement being made a lot, and I know they are trying to be funny. but just think about it. Whomever first milked a cow was just a relatively intelligent person who had seen a calf suckling, and wondered if that milk would be good for humans to drink, as well.


Another fascinating (to me, anyway) automated process.


Some people have suggested I am easily, and unnecessarily, upset, after some of the comments I make to different articles, and “need to grow a pair”. Maybe I should include this form, although I always try to give valid reasons for my opinions.










Kids, eh? At least he didn’t make a mess on the floor.









Raccoon picked the wrong place to scavenge.





“Oooh, shit!”tumblr_njc4zynfbj1s02vreo1_400


New evidence points to Earth having a previously unknown continent. Apparently, scientists have been advocating for Zealandia’s legitimacy for more than 20 years.


Amazing that a planet can contain enough magma for a volcano to erupt for billions of years.


Another great old Chrysler 300 I would love to own.


One of only four built, and one of two remaining, this 1955 Chrysler ST Special by Ghia will be offered at the Hollywood Wheels sale at Amelia Island, where it is expected to bring up to $1 million.


I really wish everyone would just stop posting pictures like this. First of all, pavement is not applied in a way that this can happen, and, even if it was, no reputable paving company would cover a car with it, whether or not it is parked in the wrong place.


Hey bet you can’t answer this one!
What gets longer when pulled,
Fits between your boobs,
Inserts neatly in a hole
and works best when jerked?
A SEAT BELT, you pervert!!!!


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