The worst thing about being a test tube baby is that you KNOW your father is a wanker.



Well, I have fixed the issue with not being able to preview my posts. The day I started compiling this one, I checked, and the problem existed with it, too. Having run out of troubleshooting ideas, I decided to do a system restore. Taking my OS back to a week ago got rid of whatever glitch I had developed. And thanks to those who wrote in, confirming that they were able to access that post.


Regular readers know I am not overly impressed by Beyoncé, so all this hoopla over her having twins is lost on me. Especially the statement by those who seem to believe these children are going to save the world. Even if they do somehow end up being responsible for change of some kind, by the time they are capable of it, Trump and his cronies will be long gone. And, if Americans allow this type of government to continue for the next 20 years or so, they don’t deserve to be saved. Hopefully, this comparing Beyoncé to the Padme character from Star Wars, and her twins to Luke and Leia, all goes away quickly.

Here’s what happens when people keep telling you that you are “all that”. You turn into an insane diva who thinks that wearing fishnet stockings and high heels to a gym is perfectly normal. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t been able to trim that big ass.


Not being a sports fan, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, so I didn’t see Lady Gaga’s halftime show. But I read that she sang live, rather than lip synching, and I really respect her for that. So many artists, these days, fall back on pre-recorded tracks for their live performances, and I think that reflects on their abilities, or lack of them. Most of you probably already know about this American flag, formed by 300 drones, that was in her act.

Then I ran across this video. The performance was certainly different.


How 2017 is a dating app that matches people based on the things they hate?


If you are too lazy, or inept, to cut up your own vegetables, perhaps you should hire a nanny.


Over shoes, people. SHOES.


It is nice, sometimes, to be reminded that decent people still live in America. These train passengers, confronted by racist graffiti on a subway train, banded together with hand sanitizer (alcohol) to erase it.


A large steel spring being forged.


Plain old common sense would prevent me from eating a 70 year old canned meal. I would think it would be fairly valuable if left as is.


Amazing that some old roads in Europe have had so much traffic that they have been worn down feet below the original surface.


It’s called Karma, people. Now don’t you feel stupid?


This jerkoff needs some Karma. I don’t like tattoos on humans. Giving them to a cat makes you an asshole, especially when it endangers the animal.


Please, if anyone is planning on getting a dog, go to a shelter, rather than paying for a pup, especially if the seller won’t let you come to their home, but insists on meeting in a parking lot. While reading this article, I wasn’t sure whether I was more angered or sickened.


Some wild animals appear to choose to run on an exercise wheel for no apparent reason other than the act of running.






I love the 360’s that the pig makes,








Seems like a good way to lose a window and/or get a bear in your house. Because, once they identify it with an easy food source, it’ s going to be hard to keep them away.




This is probably not really hurting the dog, but it still seems quite mean.tumblr_okmzgfspet1vnq1cro1_400




Mean, but funny. Perhaps these two knew each other.








Scale Worm Taihang Mountains on the border between Shanxi and Henan provinces in China. This scale worm of approximately 100 meters was installed with the intention of attracting thousands of tourists to the beautiful Taihang mountains. Before climbing visitors are asked to sign a form assuring that they have no heart or lung problems. I doubt if I would be able to drag my own fat ass to the top.









From a newspaper in Utah, May of 1922utah-may-7-1922


And, whether they are close together or not, if you have made a meme with a spelling or grammar error, my judgement will be severe. I regularly see things posted with glaring mistakes that should have been caught by a quick review before publishing. I always proofread this blog before I publish an issue, to try to prevent typos from happening. Hopefully I have been successful.


What were these people thinking? In this first one, you have to wonder how both the boy and the girl, as well as the photographer, were so clueless about firearms as to let this happen. Hopefully at least one of them wised up before the girl turned herself into a pirate.abeb601ef5cee1d66b0862a4f0b69dc7_650x

And then there’s these geniuses. Congratulations, your disguise fooled the lions. Now what?


What would you think if you saw this, off in the distance?tumblr_okpjgejher1rvzucio1_500





Well, not all of them. Some of my female friends’ boyfriends have become very good friends of mine, as well. Others, well…tumblr_okwmscdndp1rjkqedo1_500




Mirador del volcanmirador-del-volcan


A part of the Mercury space capsules that not many people have seen.


Interesting question: If you opened a bottle in outer space, then sealed it tightly and brought it back to Earth, what would it contain?


Four planets orbiting the star HR 8799 in Pegasus. via one of the 10-meter (394-inch) Keck telescopes


Saturn and its moon Dione.


No idea where this was, but the passenger(s) in that car are very lucky. You may have to right click, and select play, to see the video.


The story of the 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six Ghost Car.


I have been made aware that my assessment of the winner of this year’s “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster”, in my previous post, may have been unfair, since the vehicle likely had multiple subtleties which were not evident in the photo. Fair enough, I guess, but I will still stick with my original opinion.


Courtney Force set the lowest Funny Car elapsed time in history, during practice, on Friday, with a time of 3.8 seconds. Who says women can’t drive?






Another one? How did you hit the only pole in the area? And what were you even doing on the grass?angell


All of this over a broken traffic light in São Paulo, Brazil. I think this situation could be cleared up fairly easily if the cars in the outside lane in the upper right would wriggle out, and detour down that empty street. It wouldn’t be long, if everyone cooperated, until the intersection was clear.






Then there was the young married woman who drove 50 miles just to get 6 inches away from home.


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