I need to get in shape. If I were murdered, my chalk outline would be a circle.



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Here’s a wacky alternative that just might work, guys: Stop going all over the world, shooting at people.


Either I have nearly reached full “cranky old man” status, or Hasbro is trying to ruin Monopoly, I wouldn’t be happy playing with emoji game pieces. 


And wearing emoji’s with your suit is just going to erase any respect for you that I might have had.


If more people were recognized for acts such as this, I wonder if it would catch on?


Hair stencil art looks okay, I guess.


What kind of fool would pay almost 200 dollars for a gallon of expired milk?


Forget about what will happen in your gut. Worry about what has already taken place in your brain to make you think this is a good idea.


If you managed to get on a train without a ticket, spending a lot of time in the bathroom grooming your pubic hair with a kitchen knife is bound to attract some unwanted attention.


Imagine learning, at 25 years of age, that Charles Manson (yeah, THAT one) is your biological father.


This event has not been confirmed as actually taking place, yet, but I hope it does. The idea is to have a big enough show that very few people watch the Trump inauguration.


That is one seriously huge fish.


Dog mistakes an algae covered pond for grass. 


Of all the methods of catching moles, I’ll bet no one ever just grabbed them out of the ground like this before.


Animals at the Oregon Zoo enjoying the year’s first snow day.




















You should be very specific with your instructions to a dog groomer.








What the hell is wrong with some people? How does someone convince themselves that this is OK to do?


And I see these “The chip companies are selling air” idiots still haven’t wised up. Could someone enlighten these fools that it isn’t air, but nitrogen, in their chip bags, and that the purpose of it is to keep the chips fresh longer, as well as to provide some crush protection. All that is necessary is to compare prices per gram of product with Pringles, to learn that there is no ripoff.


The First Walkman. TPS-L2. The first truly portable cassette player available on the market. 1979. I remember getting one, and how “hip” I felt. I never thought music would ever sound better.


As with anything, there is such a thing as taking something too far.hell-yes


Where are those children’s parents? No way would that be allowed if those were my kids.32-funny-pictures-1398


Are seniors getting hard up, or what’s the deal, here?






It’s nice to be inventive, but no need to be an asshole, and run people off the road.








Extreme closeup of Saturn’s moon Enceladus.


Strong headwinds allowed this bush plane to make a nearly vertical landing.


Would you pay $1000 a day to drive the GTO from the XXX movie series? Not me, even though it is a really nice car.


Dodge is bringing the Demon nameplate back, on a Challenger that is thought to be aimed mainly at drag racing.


That rolling disaster that made me retch a few weeks ago is now for sale. For a quarter of a million dollars.


A bike gets stuck in an electric fence, and, as expected, removing it is not easy.


If it takes you this many moves just to maneuver into a fairly open parking spot, perhaps you would be better off taking a taxi. Or staying home.








There’s a new type of alarm clock on the market. It makes no noise. It uses lights and gets brighter and brighter until you wake up. I already have one of these. It’s called a window.


They say that drinking beer will dehydrate you.
I say, “Only if you stop.


Joyce was really embarrassed and said to her husband, “I’ll never go anywhere again with you as long as I live.” Mark wanted to know what he did to cause such an outburst. “You asked Mrs. Johnson how her husband was standing the heat…and he’s been dead for two months!”


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