Which is worse, ignorance or apathy? I don’t know, and I don’t care.



Well, as mysteriously as it went away, the reblog function seems to have reappeared on Tumblr. I’m glad. Not being able to share took a lot of fun out of browsing Tumblr for me. Perhaps they got enough complaints that they decided to restore it. I believe that voicing one’s opinion is a valuable thing. Then, a few days later, the entire reblog header changed, leading me to believe the original problem was some kind of glitch caused during the redesign.


You just can’t trust anyone, any more, I guess. The funny thing is, with Adblock installed, and enabled, I couldn’t even get to the article to read it. A popup was in the way, asking me to whitelist the website, and I couldn’t get past that without actually whitelisting the site. Which seems to defeat the purpose of having an adblocker in the first place. Or warning about the deficiencies of one. FUCK THAT! I installed Ublock, and uninstalled Adblock. Then I was able to read what I was up against. It’s fairly easy to get, just Google the Ublock download page, and select the browser you are using.


The holiday is still 10 days away, and I am already tired of  the so-called “Christmas Spirit”, so I was encouraged to see that I am not alone.



So, here’s proof that the Standing Rock protesters had a valid concern.


Government bureaucracy  is an odd thing, proven by the fact that there is a 47 year old hamburger stored at my province’s legislature.


OK, Trump, here’s a challenge: Are you capable of even coming close to doing anything this awesome?


Proof that Trump supporters are wackjobs. Sure, be mad if your boy gets trashed in public, but death threats?


And this. Watch the video, and see if you think that interaction in the courtroom was just for show, or if he meant it.


The hot new trend, in Japan, is making art with fallen leaves.


Well, you certainly wouldn’t want all that old horse meat to go to waste when the horse dies.


Normally, I don’t pay any attention to TMZ, or other tabloids, but this link was too interesting to pass up. Kate Beckinsdale is single again. Yeah, I know. As if she would have anything to do with me. I can’t even get regular girls to pay attention to me. A guy can have a dream, though, can’t he?


And I hardly ever post girlie pics, either. In fact, I kind of scorn those sites that seem to need to include several of them in each picdump to keep the guys coming back. But, then, I saw this, and I couldn’t resist sharing. And she doesn’t have that big booty, or those huge boobs, that so many guys go nuts over, either. If this crossed my path, I would definitely get caught staring. And I wouldn’t really feel ashamed of it, either.


It is probably best for one’s health not to get into an argument outside a building that has a bunch of motorcycles parked out front.


To me, this is just proof of his guilt. An innocent man would never cop to a plea. Especially if he can afford some good lawyers. But those lawyers probably told him it would be almost impossible to prove him innocent. And what old man, especially a rich one, would find being confined to his home punishment?


If you are gong to try to steal a big screen TV, you should probably do it on a day when there is no Shop With A Cop event underway.


Hopefully, these kids won’t turn into thieves, or worse, when they get older.


If they do turn into thieves, hopefully they will be smarter ones than this criminal mastermind.


Is ramen still ramen with no noodles? A Google search for the definition of ramen specifically mentioned the noodles, so I say no. And if something is missing a main ingredient, you had better get a discount.


Well, what else would you do?


Ever wonder what some of those lyrics in old rock and roll songs meant?


This should bee interesting. I haven’t listened to his show, yet, and I don’t even own a radio, but I assume it is available online, as well. Gonna have to start looking. George Strombolopolis’ New Year’s show will feature Canadian bands covering The Tragically Hip’s music. And, if you don’t know who the Hip are, you are really missing out on something good.


And, if you are not familiar with their work, I have put together a mini playlist for you.


Parachutes have the ability to steer, don’t they?


You know climate change is real when glaciers collapse.


The highest known wave ever detected was recently measured in the ocean between Iceland and Scotland.


Mark Twain loved cats. Who knew? 


I get that the ape liked the movie, but giving it a baby shower and registering it at a store seems like overkill. This will benefit fans of the animal most.


Baby dressed as a lion meets the real thing.




Those are puppy dog slippers.






















Hey there, great white hunter, you might want to hone your skills just a tad.tumblr_oi0obfzxtl1ukldkho1_500


“OK, let’s goOOO…”




I think a lot of Canadians can relate to this one, and even some in the U.S. , due to the recent effects of the Polar Vortex.




Air Florida Flight 90 crashes into the 14th Street bridge over the Potomac River on January 13, 1982. Imagine being on a bridge when a jet airliner hits it.air-florida-flight-90-crashes-into-14th-street-bridge-over-potomac-river-on-january-13-1982




Happy 91st birthday to Dick Van Dyke
“I don’t act old, and I don’t feel it. I don’t think like an old person, whatever that means…I am going to unfurl the gray flag, wave it proudly, and declare that getting old doesn’t have to be a dreary weather report.”
Dick Van Dyke
H/T to the Blizzard of JJ Tumblr




If someone did this on my wedding day, they would cease to be my friend. Or be excluded from my family. It wouldn’t bother me se much, besides it being an asshole thing to do, but I am sure it would devastate my new wife, and that would make it inexcusable. If your game is more important to you, just stay at home and watch it. Or at least opt out of agreeing to record the special day.






I don’t know. This seems a bit risky. So the snake has been docile, so far. But has it ever encountered a human this small before? Who can anticipate what a snake will do? stupid-parenting-01




Some guy turned his cement truck into a giant mirrorball. tumblr_oi5jmoireg1qz6f9yo1_500




Can you say idjit?








Must be from those flying pigs.


















“String of pearls” on Jupiter. Actually a series of storms, captured by Juno’s camera.




Simulation of what you would see if you fell into a black hole.


Saturn’s rings, its small moon Prometheus, and its second largest moon, Rhea.


Dubai at night, as seen from the ISS.


The ISS seen over (under?) the tail of the approaching space shuttle.late-night-randomness-20161213-107


That Chinese bus that straddled automobile traffic has already been abandoned.


This guy was fixing up his Jeep, but the parts packages kept getting stolen from his front step, so he rigged up a surprise for the next lowlife thief.




1962 Chrysler Imperial convertible.1962-imperial-crown-convertible


Those mid to late 1970’s Chrysler Cordobas were very nice cars. I owned one, and so did a couple of my friends.




Genie: What’s your first wish?
Steve: I wish I was rich.
Genie: What’s your second wish?
Rich: I want lots of money.


Teacher: “Kids, what does the chicken give you?”
Student: “Meat!”
Teacher: “Very good! Now what does the pig give you?”
Student: “Bacon!”
Teacher: “Great! And what does the cow give you?”
Student: “Homework!”


Teacher: “If I gave you 2 cats and another 2 cats and another 2, how many would you have?” Johnny: “Seven.” Teacher: “No, listen carefully… If I gave you two cats, and another two cats and another two, how many would you have?” Johnny: “Seven.” Teacher: “Let me put it to you differently. If I gave you two apples, and another two apples and another two, how many would you have?” Johnny: “Six.” Teacher: “Good. Now if I gave you two cats, and another two cats and another two, how many would you have?” Johnny: “Seven!” Teacher: “Johnny, where in the heck do you get seven from?!” Johnny: “Because I’ve already got a freaking cat!”


My friend thinks he is smart. He told me an onion is the only food that makes you cry, so I threw a coconut at his face.


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