If there were no such thing as bears, what kind of hugs would we give? 



Annoying thing of the week: People who display “Send nudes” signs in public. Besides not being funny, there are a lot of people who, I imagine, would be offended by it. I know my mother would be shocked, if she were still alive, and saw one. I have seen four different ones, so far.


Proof that drug manufacture is mainly about profit, not helping people. Although one must realize that initially developing drugs, and proving them safe to use, takes a long time, and is expensive.


Even if he was lying, is that something he needs to be killed for? There certainly are a lot of nutjobs walking around, free. Add what would be thee purpose of making something like this up?


Who would have thought the Venus Flytrap would be a target of poaching? And how many of them does one have to sell, at a quarter apiece, to make a profit?


Interesting theory about why railroad tracks have an odd spacing.

However, it is not completely true. Or completely false.


I’m curious how someone can forget their laptop at the airport security check. How much crap are they dragging along with them?


You say you pad $85 for a leather wrapped rock? Yeah, you’re an idiot.


National Geographic’s best animal photos of 2016.


Workers in Turkey unearth a bear while digging a hole.


Cat scales a climbing wall.


Kayaking with whales.


Pup has his own TV

















Found him!














The first of a new series of images of Saturn has been received, as Cassini begins its last orbits of the planet, grazing the rings.


















“No child of mine is going out in a skirt that short.” “Dad, I’m sixteen. I’ll wear what I want!” “Yeah, but son, your nuts are showing.”


A guy starts talking to two women in a bar. They are Siamese twins and they wind up back at his apartment. He makes love to one, and then starts to work on the other. He thinks the first one might get bored watching, so he asks her what she’d like to do. She says, “Is that a trombone in the corner? I’d love to play your trombone.” So she plays it while he makes love to her sister. A few weeks later, the girls are walking past his apartment building. One of the girls says, “Let’s stop up and see that guy.” The other girl says, “Gee… do you think he’ll remember us?” 


Two cowboys from Texas walk into a roadhouse to wash the trail dust from their throats. They stand at the bar, drinking a beer and talking about the current cow prices. Suddenly a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to cough. After a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress. One of the cowboys looks at her and says, “Kin ya swaller?” The woman shakes her head no.  “Kin ya breathe?” The woman starts to turn blue and shakes her head. The cowboy walks over to the woman, lifts up the back of her dress, yanks down her panties and slowly runs his tongue from the back of her thigh to the small of her back. The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of her mouth. As she begins to breathe again, the cowboy walks slowly back to the bar and takes a drink from his beer. His partner says, “Ya know, I’d heard of that there Hind Lick maneuver, but I ain’t never seen nobody do it before.” 

Harry had a bit of a drinking problem. Every night, after dinner, he took off for the local watering hole. He spent the whole evening there, and arrived home, well inebriated, around midnight each night. He always had trouble getting his key into the keyhole, and getting the door opened. His wife, waiting up for him, would go to the door and let him in. Then she would proceed to yell and scream at him, for his constant nights out, and coming home in a drunken state. But, Harry continued his nightly routine. One day, the wife was talking to a friend about her husband’s behavior, and was particularly distraught by it all. The friend listened to her, and then said, “Why don’t you treat him a little differently when he comes home? Instead of berating him, why don’t you give him some loving words, and welcome him home with a kiss? He then might change his ways.” The wife thought it was worth trying. That night, Harry took off again, after dinner. And, about midnight, he arrived home, in his usual condition. His wife heard him at the door, quickly went to it, opened the door, and let Harry in. This time, instead of berating him, as she had always done, she took his arm, and led him into the living room. She sat him down in an easy chair, put his feet up on the ottoman and took his shoes off. Then she went behind him, and started to cuddle him a little. After a while, she said to him, “It’s pretty late. I think we had better go upstairs to bed now, don’t you?” At that, Harry replied, in his inebriated state, “I guess we might as well. I’ll get in trouble when I get home anyway.”


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