Some guy hit my fender, and I said to him, ‘Be fruitful and multiply’, but not in those exact words.



People, please, if you run a site, and post a list of links to “your friends”, or something similar, on your home page, do us all a favor, and actually VISIT them every now and then. It is very annoying to follow a link to a site that has been abandoned for several months to a year or more.


So, there’s a museum dedicated to rocks that look like faces.


More than fourty 14th century ships have been found at the bottom of the Black Sea.


Some buried stone structures have been found in Kazakhstan,


Michael J. Fox with the Dave Matthews Band, performing Jimi Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower.


What a totally useless invention. How many times might the wind blow at the proper speed to play a record correctly? There are many other useful, or practical, uses for this type of technology. Besides, who plays records outside? And running an electric fan defeats the entire purpose of wind power.


Someone would have to be a real fan to pay $300 for a book containing nothing but pictures of Apple products.


A bit of a light hearted time waster. Viking kittens. It has been around for years, so you may have seen some form of it before, but I just found it again.


Salmon swimming across a flooded road.


Great photos of whales swimming in Arctic waters.


A cow on its way to market in Australia said “Fuck this shit”, and swam to freedom.


I may have shared this before, but I think it deserves a second look. If I have ever been to a zoo, I don’t recall being there. And I don’t ever plan on going to one. The idea of an animal locked up in a small cage, unable to be with others of its kind, or roam free, saddens me.


So, I guess dogs don’t have depth perception.




3 years of friendship.3-years-of-friendship


Ducklings vs. windy day.






Whales rise to the surface while feeding.morning_picdump_2042_640_42




What’s the matter, man? You don’t seem very confident in your plan to hand feed a giant alligator.








All I know about these items is that they were created by Maya Hansen, and that none of the women I asked were impressed by them. Some sort of anti oral sex device for teens, perhaps?


Another of her bizarre creations. Like I am sure a lot of women are dying to wear a metal corset. Because a regular one isn’t confining or uncomfortable enough.


Hallstatt, Austriahallstatt-austria


The Matterhorn on a rare clear day.matterhorn


The Old Harry rocks, on England’s coast, near Dorset. Yet another photo that was posted without context. I shouldn’t always have to be looking this kind of shit up. Or is everyone else satisfied with seeing pictures without knowing what they are? (In juvenile voice) “PRETTY!”tumblr_oeqb9ldxrz1qc8le9o1_500
The rocks, explained.




Why to not mess with stuff on store shelves. I feel sorry for the poor employees who had to clean this all up.




Oh, I don’t know, maybe to try to teach you a lesson?












Agatized fossilized coral.
What it is.


Why do people still attempt dumb things like this? Were there no stools, ladders, or even a chair in that house?


One would assume that, if the vending machine person is so immature that this is the highlight of their career, that is why they don’t have a better job.




This may have been posted somewhere in time for Remembrance/Veteran’s Day, but it just appeared on my dashboard on the 16th.


I think it’s time to give up boxing, dude. You seem to have taken too many hits to the head.


Thunderstorm at 37000 feet.


Amazing views of our planet, taken by Reid Wiseman from the ISS.


The Seven Wonders of our Solar System.




Being a lover of the Universe, and its mysterious ways, uninformed people, especially those who spread misinformation like this, piss me off. Even though Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t really think it’s a big deal, (he is a brilliant scientist, but is well known for being a downer when it comes to simple marvels) there was a LOT more difference between the November full moon and an average one than what is depicted here. Yet I have seen this reposted quite a bit. Of course most people aren’t going to notice the difference. The Moon has been slowly getting closer to Earth, and, therefore, slightly larger in appearance, every day, for the past month. But take a picture now, and another one in a few weeks, and, even though the Moon will no longer be full, its size will be slightly smaller. Or, maybe you should have been paying attention for the past month, as this phenomenon was being announced. You could have taken a picture of the last full moon, and compared the difference. Plus not trying to ruin it for others.
tumblr_ogp6zp09zw1qewacoo1_500 The FACTS.


An explanation of how the hexagon at Saturn’s North Pole formed.


The hexagon on Neptune that is mentioned in the article.


Ever hear of a steam powered airplane? Yeah, me neither.


How about jet fuel produced from wood chips?


The Panthermobile from the Pink Panther cartoon opening and closing sequence. It was designed by Jay Ohrberg, who was also responsible for the Back To The Future DeLorean, the 1966 and 1989 Batmobiles and David Hasselhoff’s vehicle in Knight Rider. It cost $500,000 to make in 1969. Los Angeles-based Galpin Auto Sports purchased the Panthermobile at auction five years ago and has since been working to get it back on the road.








Better than most new cars, actually. I miss the days when you could identify the make and model of a vehicle from a block away. Not like the generic jellybean shape of most modern cars.tumblr_ogmx2ppmot1sodnr0o1_1280


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