If Life hands you lemons today, smile and say thanks. Then when Life isn’t looking, give him a quick knee to the groin. That’ll learn him.



In case spammers actually read the blogs they post their stupid comments to, since the only way to comment, here, is to actually open up one of my posts. So, let me tell you lowlifes a secret: I read ALL comments, but publish none. So if you send me spam, you are just wasting your time. I will repeat this statement again, at the bottom of the page, in the hopes that potential spammers will see it, and get the hint.


Here’s a suggestion for readers of this site: Ramp up the zoom, to make it easier to read. I have my browser set to 175%. It makes most sites almost completely fill the screen, which not only makes them easier to read, but gives the content, especially pictures, more impact.


Oh, man, Monday evening/night was a disaster for me. I am not completely sure whether I contracted a virus, somehow, or if I ate something which caused my trauma, but I basically spent from late afternoon on Monday to early morning on Tuesday on the toilet. I was unable to get any real sleep, due to every 45 minutes or so having to dump an ass full of liquid. Basically zero solids or even much color in this liquid, so not sure what that means, but I would be very thankful if it never happens again. An internet search provided the common answer that “It’s a normal way for the body to get rid of toxic substances, like bacteria or viral infections,” Which could point the finger at something I ate. But I had not consumed anything new or different from my normal diet, lately. And it wasn’t until late on Tuesday afternoon that I felt like, or even dared to ingest anything but juice. And Wednesday afternoon before my system filled back up to where I had a solid bowel movement.


Another huge annoyance is my ongoing struggle with Canada Post. Not sure if I wrote about it here, before, or not. I know I was planning to. Soon after I moved into the apartment where I currently live, a few years ago, I became fed up with being the intermediary between local businesses and the landfill. I have never seen any piece of advertising in my mailbox that made me go out and buy something. So I placed a note on the door of my mailbox requesting to opt out of unaddressed mail. Now, three years later, this note, and others, have been ineffective. So I went to the Canada Post web site, looking for a solution, and found that their policy is to discontinue delivering unaddressed mail if the tenant requests it. So I left a message, addressed to the postal worker, reminding them of this policy, as well as informing them that I was also prepared to utilize the complaint form that was available on the web page. To my great surprise, my “no junk mail” note was removed. Causing me to complete the complaint form. To which I received the reply, “just post a note on your mailbox stating this preference”. “I wrote, on my reply, that I had done that “You people seem to have a common issue with not being able to read, or comprehend, simple English.” The next communication advised that a supervisor had talked to the postal worker for my area, and the issue was considered handled. For the next few days there was not any more unaddressed mail. Then, on Wednesday, yet another piece of unaddressed mail in my mailbox. I tried to call the supervisor I had discussed this with, on Monday, but there was no answer, or even an option to leave a message. So, I sent another email, stating that it seemed as if a physical confrontation with the mail carrier was my only viable option. I am not a violent person, but, perhaps a black eye, or bloody nose, would be enough of a reminder of my request.


I am sorry if I am boring anyone, or making you angry, with my continued coverage of the U.S. election, but if anyone from America reads this blog, and is still undecided about voting for Donald Trump, perhaps I can help them decide against it. Buzzfeed has just published a fairly long list of influential people who have recently withdrawn their support of the man. I must admit that I was very surprised to see John McCain’s name listed, considering what Trump said about him quite a while ago. This is by no means an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, she brings her own negative issues to the table, but, as with many other observers, I consider her the slightly lesser of two evils.






The entire controversy makes this video even more hilarious.




I am with the author, here, in thinking this “game” is in extremely poor taste. I think some womens’ group should find some way to shame the creators out of business.


More humor, this time from David Letterman’s Years of Living Dangerously hosting duties for National Geographic, as he gets a beard trim and head massage in India.


OK, I know I said that I wouldn’t be posting any Hallowe’en related content until the end of the month, but I saw this makeup tutorial, and the results are so cool that I just had to share. Besides, by the time anyone reads this, it will only be a couple of weeks until the 31st, so that settled it. It looks quite difficult, and the girl in the video is a professional, but, then, I am not used to applying makeup. It still likely must take a bit of practice to perfect. 


Which means I can also post this. If you are good at applying makeup, and would rather that your child not wear a mask. This shows the work makeup artist Lynn Hetherington Becker did for her daughter last year.



Foods that used to be completely different.


Drinking water immediately upon waking, in the morning, and then not eating for half an hour, might be something we all should try. Most people are thirsty when the wake up, anyway.


I have to wonder how a person arrives at the decision that self mummification is a good idea.


I’m a bit jealous of some people’s imagination and talent. The impact of this design is heightened by the darkness.


I had been wondering when model Candice Swanepoel was going to have her baby. Looks like it happened on October 5th. She looked so happy in the pictures she posted on Instagram with that huge baby bump.


There is a temple in Japan which is dedicated to the female breast.


I’m sorry, but, if I find out you paid over, or even anything close to $500 for a bloody T-shirt, we will never be friends. I will feel sorry for you, though, because you are obviously insane.


And anyone who pays $100,000 for a pair of sneakers, no matter how rare or cool they are, has way too much money, and way too little sense.


I think this is a wonderful idea. I used to read a lot, in my teens, and was very happy when the local library opened for business.


We humans like to believe that we pretty much have our World figured out, but there are still some things we have no explanation for.


Is having your dog live a little longer worth the risk of it contracting cancer or diabetes?


Unfortunately, wind power generation is causing declining numbers of already endangered bird species.


This broke my heart, and actually brought tears to my eyes. No creature should have to suffer like this. Sensitive readers may not want to follow the link.


Some of the amazing entries in this year’s Nikon It’s A Small World microphotography contest.







This whale breached only a few feet away from a swimmer. Who, luckily, had a video camera with him.




Take a good look at this, and think seriously about it. Now, explain to me why some people pay a lot of money to kill these animals. And for what? Bragging rights (yeah, big man, you killed an animal that is mainly harmless, as well as basically defenseless against a human with a gun), and a trophy. That kind of attitude sickens me.














ZZ Top live with Jeff Beck – 16 Tons.


More music played in a different genre. This time we will listen to heavy metal played without distortion, A.K.A. Surf music from Hell.








This is the type of person who usually needs tech support a lot. And complains about how Windows 10 is “so different, and hard to use”. I worked with several people who spent time on the internet during work hours, rather than to learn how to properly use the apps related to their jobs, but still spent a lot of time bitching about them.cool-computer-spam-fix-it-crowd












I am not a religious person, but I still respect the current Catholic Pope, and, for that reason, this bothered me. I think this photo is fairly disrespectful to him, since a lot of people likely wouldn’t consider whether or not it was real, as I did, and would have had a bad opinion of the man because of it. According to the article at the link, this woman was not allowed to even get near the Pontiff, so that picture was obviously not real. And I am fairly certain that, if she was allowed to meet him, he would not have acted like this.




Seeing this cartoon suddenly made me realize something – wouldn’t all of these “flat Earth” nutbars eventually figure out that, if the Earth was actually flat, it would have to have a visible edge somewhere? And what would hold the oceans in, where they were at the edge?




This has to be a joke, right? Could any store manager be this clueless?tumblr_oedkkjpxxe1rc57ono1_500







The Duplex




I didn’t understand this until I saw it explained in the comments section of the picdump it was in. It is a reference to the old song Black Betty. That’s a long way to go for such a poor joke.


Ah, the good old mother in law joke!
















Oh yeah? Well, some people are not sensitive enough. And just who appointed YOU in charge of what I can and cannot like, anyway? This very attitude offends me, just for your information. P.S. Learn how to talk properly, idjit.hjn






At least he could have turned around, so he could have seen if anyone was standing.tumblr_oesb5ji8ks1qhi5qbo9_540


A tornado that is full of burning tumbleweed.a-tornado-full-of-tumbleweed-that-is-on-fire


Someone seems just a bit too eager to be a bride, But why did this bride throw the bouquet so far? It seems, to me, that the bouquet must be caught in the air for the “next to be married” myth to come true.


The winners of the 2016 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year.


Starry night and meteor reflecting in a Pacific NorthWest lake.


October 8th was International Observe the Moon Night. Any time I am outside, I usually look up, to see if the Moon is visible.


The best photo I have personally taken of the Moon, with my 35 mm camera and telephoto lens. Fairly unremarkable, except for the crater definition along the light/dark terminator on the right side. You will likely have to zoom in a bit to see the craters clearly.dsc_0440


Kilauea Cauldron, and the glow of Hilo on the left. I’m not too sure about the red glow in the air on the left, writes photographer Shane Black.


I had not been aware, until now, that the largest known impact crater in our Solar System is on the far side of our very own moon.


I knew the Rosetta comet had been very active as it orbited close to the Sun, but finding out just how much material it was losing, at that time, amazes me.


Our little family is growing. Another dwarf planet has been discovered, out beyond the Kuiper Belt.




I really like the early Mercury Cougars, and I would be very happy to own one with the serial number 0001. Would I be brave enough to drive it on the street? All I know is that I sure wouldn’t leave it parked anywhere, especially a mall parking lot. If someone so much as put a ding in the paint with their door, they would be best to not be around when I came back.


Well, this is certainly different. A 1950 Buick Roadmaster converted into a wrecker.


I wonder what my father, who was a farmer, and a very conservative person, would have thought of tractor pulling.


The actual site seems a bit buggy, as it took a while to respond to even simple scrolling, but Gear Patrol ran this article announcing that there is a new service in the San Francisco area that will deliver gas to any location. My question is – why are you so busy/lazy/rich that you can’t just stop at a gas station like everyone else? There must be a calling for this type of service, I suppose, or no one would be taking the rather large risk outfitting vehicles and hiring staff would have to be.


Bricking a classic auto into a wall seemed crazy until I read the reason for doing so.


I once owed a car that looked identical to this one, including the color, although mine was a regular two door hardtop, and a Fury III, rather than a Sport Fury. It was almost 20 years old, but still in pretty good shape. I really liked that car.


Not that I ever actually go looking, but why can’t I ever stumble across even one “barn find”, let alone an entire group of old MOPARS?



I wish magazines would stop posting partial photos of vehicles. If you can’t fit the entire car on the page, I would much rather it be cropped, or shrunk a bit, to include the full vehicle.tumblr_oeqe0lwicr1sodnr0o1_1280


I don’t care for cars with too much engine either. I think all of the exposed turbo plumbing on this one detracts from the clean lines of the body.tumblr_oeunhf0lq91s7e0meo1_1280




Well, that certainly doesn’t look dangerous.13872818_10153668956846850_7599020608963848401_n


Then and now.cars-brand-model-now-then-ford






A motorcycle patrolman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed appendix. The doctors operated and advised him that all was well. However, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs on his chest. Worried that it might be a second surgery the doctors hadn’t told him about, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown down enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable. Taped firmly across his hairy chest were three wide strips of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn’t come off easily. Written in large black letters was the sentence. “Get well quick ….. from the nurse you gave a ticket to last week.”

I must be losing my sense of humor. All I could think about, here, was “Well, I’m sure he didn’t give her the ticket for no reason.” And that ruined the joke for me. Sorry, only found one joke, this time around, that I felt was worth including.


Thanks for visiting. Anything you do, or do not like? Something you would like to see? I do not claim to own the photos posted here. If you see your property here, and want it removed, or if you just have something to say, contact me via the comments section. If you liked what you found, here, please tell your friends. You might also want to check out my Tumblr page, http://rodzilla-world.tumblr.com/ I post similar content, there.


As I stated, at the top of the page, in case any spammers actually read the blogs they post their stupid comments to, here’s a secret: I read ALL comments, but publish none. So if you send me spam, you are just wasting your time.

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