I saw a universal remote for sale. I thought to myself “This changes everything”.



Annoyance of the day: Why does the majority of the internet seem to consider October 1st the beginning of the Hallowe’en season? I have seen several sites literally compare September 30th (no Hallowe’en – sad) to October 1st (Hallowe’en! Celebrate!)  in various visual fashions, the most common being a .gif of Beetlejuice with the caption “It’s showtime!”. It just seems to me to be making too much of a good thing. Over celebrating like this must lessen the impact of the actual holiday, no? Now, some of these posts might be useful, such as those which might give costume or decorating hints, but I haven’t seen any of those yet, and the ones that are just celebrating the day in the first few days of the month seem useless, Whatever. Go ahead and have your fun, if you want. Just don’t expect me to join in. You won’t see any related content, here, until the actual day, and, even then, I don’t expect I will make a big deal of it.


I say it’s about damn time government took sexual assault seriously.


I find it interesting how, so often, I find a picture that illustrates, or references, a point I have made, here. cool-correct-response-girls-clothes-election


As with most things, if at all possible, the people will get what they want.


Axel Erlandson was a horticulturist who wasn’t satisfied with the way trees grew naturally.


We Earthlings have set a new record for CO2 in our atmosphere, and scientists believe it is irreversible.


19 years old and a Hendrix fan? How rare is that, these days? I’ll bet most teens don’t even know who Jimi was. The Georgia Flood covers Voodoo Child..


Apparently, now, giving pigs being transported to slaughter a drink of water is tampering with their owners’ property. I’m no expert, but wouldn’t animals that are less stressed taste better?


Who knew that some bees can bore tunnels into stone?


Too bad humans can’t be this easily amused.
Actually, young humans can.







Close (very) encounter with a brown bear.








This is truly inspiring. Sophi Green was born without arms, but this young lady has figured out how to use her feet as hands and go on living like a regular kid.


I’m not sure why Christina was included in this group. Dumping your date is hardly as badass as what the others did. Judging by the rumors circulating about him since Angelina filed for divorce, however, Brad may very well have given Christina a good reason to leave him. More proof that we shouldn’t judge someone by their looks alonewoman-made-incredible-things


Ever play a prank on yourself?sweet-sweet-pranks-040914-19




Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump was less funny than I expected. I definitely didn’t think it was as funny as the audience or the laugh track operator did, but it did seem accurate.




That funny guy on Twitter who I mentioned a few posts ago, but whose name I couldn’t remember.










A Boeing 787 performing acrobatic maneuvers.


Sprites (upward lightning) have been detected above Hurricane Matthew.


What Antarctica would look like without the ice.


The last clear photo Rosetta snapped just before it was sent crashing into Comet 67p. I saw another one, but it was taken too close to the comet to be in focus. The spacecraft was close to shutting down anyway, due to fading solar power as the comet traveled away from the Sun, so mission controllers took this opportunity to study the comet’s gas, dust and plasma environment very close to its surface, as well as take very high-resolution images.rosetta


The ESA has made an interactive 3D viewer of Comet 67P available, at the link below. It takes a few moments to load, depending on your internet speed, then you can zoom in and out with your scroll wheel, or “grab” the image with your left mouse button, and rotate it.


This picture was taken by the Mars Express’s High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) in 2003, and shows the Earth and Moon together. The two bodies are at different points in their orbits, which is why the Moon looks like it’s farther away. This is not how someone standing on Mars would see them, however. They would appear as two points of light to the unaided eye.




Anyone remember the movie Vanishing Point? I really liked it when it came out, in the 70’s, but I would have to see it again to verify that I still do. Anyway, Hot Rod Magazine has discovered that the cars from that movie were all crushed when Chrysler got them back, and executives found out what the show was about.


Ford is going to start making a new SUV under the Bronco nameplate. If it looks like these renderings, I will like it.






I can be fairly dense, sometimes. I saw this .gif on a site I have been following for quite a while, with the caption “Christine’s younger sister, Sally, goes on a rampage”, and, for a long time, I wondered who the heck Christine was. Then, I remembered the book and movie.sally








A man goes to his doctor and says, “I don’t think my wife’s  hearing is as good as it used to be, what should I do?”  The doctor replies, “Try this test to find out for sure. When your wife is in the kitchen doing dishes, stand fifteen feet behind her and ask her a question, if she doesn’t respond keep moving closer asking the question until she hears you.” The man goes home and sees his wife preparing dinner. He stands fifteen feet behind her and says, “What’s for dinner, honey?” He hears no response, so he moves to ten feet behind her and asks again. Still no response, so he moves to five feet. No answer. Finally he stands directly behind her and says, “Honey, what’s for supper?” She replies, “For the fourth time, I SAID CHICKEN, you deaf bastard!”  


Last Sunday, the Gospel was the one about the ten bridesmaids. The five good bridesmaids remembered to take plenty of oil for their lamps; five bad bridesmaids did not. The priest at our church is always very fiery and his sermons always end on a high note. Last Sunday the priest ended with… “Where would you rather be? In the light with the five good bridesmaids or in the dark with the five bad bridesmaids
I wasn’t the only one who got it wrong!


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