Q: What do you call a pig with laryngitis? A: Disgruntled.



It seems I am pretty much totally out of touch with reality. It is a good thing I didn’t try to go and pay any bills, or do any shopping, on August 1st, because I was completely aware that day was a civic holiday, here, in Canada. I finally clued in when I noticed that most of the Canadian websites I regularly visit did not resume updating on Monday.


Due to a couple of negative comments, let me clarify the statement I made, in my previous post, about the winner of the “Rear of the Year” award. I never said big butts were ugly. I merely stated that they are not a turn on for me, as they are for some guys. And I still don’t think the winner was deserving of the award. My opinion.


Now, don’t take this the wrong way. I am not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that), but this guy has a nicer ass than that award winner. That guy standing there likes it, too.


On a somewhat related note, that of what some guys like, who thinks that, in most of the “before” shots, these women actually look better than the fake look they have, with the overdone makeup? Now, I’m not saying “Don’t wear makeup”. I just don’t care for the artificial look women who use a ton of it have. And I think these girls need someone in their lives to tell them they look good without it. Or, at least, so much of it. I can understand women wanting to cover up bad complexion, but it is possible to do that without creating a mask which completely changes your appearance.


Although it is better, now, I never understood why women were not allowed to be equal to men. In my opinion, a woman should be able to do any damn thing she wants. What was the harm in running a race, anyway?




How much would you like to bet that there are no women in this group? I totally disagree with this decision. If I caught someone trying to take an upskirt photo of my wife/girlfriend, or one of my sisters, well, lets just say what happened next would not be fun.


WOW. If this is true, I don’t really know what to say. And I really would not be surprised to learn it was true.


If you see a link to a video of a phone in a microwave, don’t click on it. Just another fake.


I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. Nothing wrong with celebrities supporting a cause, so long as they do some proper research first.


I had never heard this Simpsons fan theory, but it sort of makes sense. They should ask the writers.


Everyday items, as seen under magnification.


If I was squirted with water in any manner, in a restaurant or otherwise, I would be offended. Not sure that I would call this sexual assault, but neither would I consider it entertainment.


Especially if I was squirted with water in Rio de Janeiro. Every time I read a story like this, I wonder how the city won the rights to host this event. The problems have been known for a long time. I have yet to find an answer.


Yet another threat to humans related to global warming.


An ingenious new tool in the war against mosquitos.


I don’t have much sympathy for criminals, but, first of all, this was just a misdemeanor. And there is still a thing called human dignity.


You have to be a real lowlife to stab a priest, especially after he did you a favor.


I hate people who get belligerent when they are drunk. And, if all it takes to make you lose your common sense is 3 shots, you should abstain altogether. Good thing this pilot was on board.


What are you defending yourself against? Elephants?


Norway might give Finland a mountain as a 100th birthday present.


Were you aware that there are 4 North Poles? I was not.


I suppose I should be ashamed that I only got 17 of the 30 questions in this quiz about my own country correct. See how you do.


Australia has moved so much that GPS coordinates had to be recalculated.


Who knew that the Rolling Stones made a commercial for Kellogg’s Rice Krispies?


What’s worse than conducting a poll asking if Americans would vote for an ape as President? People actually saying they would. I can’t tell if this is some lame attempt at humor, or a real thing, but, reading the comments, there appears to be a lot of stupid people on the loose.


Funny take on how God created animals.


Stray dog steps in to help stranger who was being attacked.


If you are too lazy to pick up after your pet, maybe you shouldn’t have one.


“I’m having a little trouble here”


“Me too”




“Oh, yeah. That’s the spot”.tumblr_ob775xfAYr1s02vreo1_400




“To hell with standing in line and doing tricks for food.”tumblr_n7iwpehhZg1s2yegdo1_400






“Oh, hey, a stick! Great!tumblr_o15ysxbZG91urlrpuo1_500


A group of otters react to a butterfly that just happened to flutter by.tumblr_ob242aqbmn1s02vreo1_400






Can a person get any more redneck than this?






UGH! Interesting, but gross.


To a kid, a ball means play. Dad has a different idea.tumblr_ob3nc3ErSD1qhi5qbo1_400


A few weeks ago, when I was in Saskatoon, I suddenly realized how pale I was, compared to everyone else. I rarely spend much time in the sun,, so I would probably sizzle like bacon if I ever had to.beach






Probably my only real regret in life is that I never found a partner to share it with.tumblr_n2t2ag19I91qzywvpo1_1280http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/shalyn-nelson-love-the-nelsons?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=webfeeds


Bad enough to take pictures of your food with your phone. Taking an SLR to the restaurant for that purpose is going beyond sanity.










Fortunately, I have regular therapy sessions.tumblr_ob3gs3rvvC1uqkmwyo1_500








I complain a lot about botched cake decoration and tattoos. Here is one reason why so many cakes might leave the store without having the errors caught.


Keep at it, kid. You’ve got the right idea.daily_gifdump_1115_09


This kid is having some difficulty, as well. He can’t figure out why the mesh bucket won’t fill with water.




There’s no one dumber than a dumb criminal.




People, a lot of them, anyway, are pigs. Sure, this event would have cleaning staff, whose job it is to pick up all this trash. But they no doubt work by the hour. But is it really so hard to find one of the garbage receptacles that were likely set up all around? At the recent concert I attended, in Saskatoon, I was pleased to see that the group I was with, and, in fact, most of the audience, policed their own areas, even though it was a bit of a walk to the garbage cans.


I guess I’m just a weenie, because that looks way too close for me.


Even if you are rich, paying $3000 for shoes, or $2500 for a purse, is just nuts.




Some people must get bored easily. Jumping from an airplane, at 25,000 feet, without a parachute, seems unnecessarily risky, net or no net.


A helmet used by firefighters in 1880.A helmet used by firefighters in 1880.


A security guard walking down US Highway 101 where there are towering stacks of hollow iron floats from which the iron antisubmarine nets were suspended to protect the US ports during WWII, California, USA, 1953.


I assume this means photos of tadpoles swimming are somewhat rare. This underwater photo taken by biologist Bert Willaert won first place in the 2015 Royal Society Publishing photography competition.An underwater photo taken by biologist Bert Willaert has claimed first place in the Royal Society Publishing photography competition.


There is a slideshow of the entries in the article at the link, if you are interested.






This man is responsible for the only man made objects to leave our solar system. If you don’t think that is awesome, you are really missing something.


A new NASA mission will launch next month. Its purpose is to collect samples from an asteroid which passes near the Earth in its orbit.


The Orion Nebula in InfraredThe Orion Nebula in Infrared


This diagram shows the Juno spacecraft’s orbits around Jupiter, including its two long, stretched-out capture orbits. The spacecraft’s position on July 31 is indicated at left.


I think the Mercury Cougar is a great looking car, and this one is no exception.


I just saw this photo, again, that I posted in my previous issue, of the 4×4 parked at the edge of a cliff. Of the 8 comments, about 1/3 of them believed that the pic had been rotated 30 degrees, for effect. But the proof that they give is the angle of the “horizon”. You have to remember, though, that the photo was obviously taken in the mountains, so the “horizon” might just be the side of another slope. And that still would not have that tree growing vertically, as I thought all plants naturally did.  Either way, I still say that parking there was foolish.




1962 Chrysler Imperial




1973 Ferrari Dino73-dino-246-gts-1


Another butt-ugly concept car. The 1961 Chrysler Turboflite. I get the “space age” influence that was all the rage, back, then, though.1961 Chrysler Turboflite





When I was a child, I remember my mom telling me, “Son, when you grow up, you can marry any girl you please.” When I became a young man, I learned the sad fact was that I could not please any of them.


Three old guys from the twilight home were given, as a treat, a day at the beach. And it turned out to be a nudist beach. They were watching the various young women agog. When the prettiest of them all walked by, one of the men said, “I’d like to give her a hug.” “I’d like to give her a kiss,” said the second man. And the third old man said, “What was that other thing we used to do?”


When your pet bird sees you reading the newspaper, do you think it wonders why you’re just sitting there, staring at the carpeting?


Jack goes to his friend Joe and says, “I’m sleeping with the minister’s wife. Can you keep him back in church for an hour after service for me?” Joe doesn’t like it, but being a friend, he agrees. After the service, Joe starts talking to the minister, asking him all sorts of stupid questions, just to keep him occupied. Finally the minister gets annoyed and asks Joe what he’s really up to. Joe, feeling guilty, finally confesses to the minister. “My friend is sleeping with your wife right now, so he asked me to keep you occupied.” The minister thinks for a minute, smiles, puts a brotherly hand
on Joe’s shoulder and says, “You better hurry home now. My wife died a year ago.”


Little Red Riding Hood is skipping down the road when she sees the Big Bad Wolf crouched down behind a log. “My, what big eyes you have, Mr. Wolf.” The wolf jumps up and runs away. Further down the road, Red Riding Hood sees the wolf again. This time, he is crouched behind a tree stump. “My what big ears you have, Mr. Wolf.” Again, the wolf jumps up and runs away. A couple of miles down the road, Red Riding Hood sees the wolf yet again, this time crouched down behind a road sign. “My, what teeth you have, Mr. Wolf.” The irritable, Big Bad Wolf jumps up and screams, “Will you kindly fuck off! I’m trying to take a shit!”


An antelope was asked to go to a dance. She bought a new dress and necklace for the dance. Then she had her horns and hooves done. Since she lived alone, she struggled to dress herself. Running late, she encountered a herd of stampeding buffalo approaching the trail. She thought she was fast enough to get past them. But, unfortunately, she was run over by the buffalo. And this is the origin of the self- dressed stamped antelope. Yeah, I know it’s bad, but, if I had to suffer, so do you… 


One October, my wife and I spent a vacation on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. We were eager to visit the rain forests near the coast, but we heard that snow slides had made some of the roads impassable. Although apprehensive about the conditions we might run into, we drove on. Sure enough, we had only gone a short way up the High Rain Forest road when we saw a sign that read, “Ice: 10 Miles.” Five miles farther on, there was another sign that said, “Ice: 5 Miles.” The next one read, “Ice: 1/2 Mile.” We practically crept that half-mile. We finally came to the last sign. It was outside a small grocery store and it said, “Ice: 75 Cents.” 


Thanks for visiting. Anything you do, or do not like? Something you would like to see? I do not claim to own the photos posted here. If you see your property here, and want it removed, or if you just have something to say, contact me via the comments section. If you liked what you found, here, please tell your friends. You might also want to check out my Tumblr page, http://rodzilla-world.tumblr.com/ I post similar content, there.

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