I need to lose some weight. I tried to get off the couch last night and ended up rocking myself to sleep.



There’s something about this that doesn’t add up. Why would anyone, much less a homeless man, leave almost $200,000 in cash behind, even for a moment? And why did the hotel workers claim to not have seen him? This story leaves out the important details. And the man was extremely fortunate to get his money back. It seems like the cab driver deserved a better reward.


Is it a crime to destroy someone’s property when that property is illegal?


At least half of these, like returning a text, are so simple to just do yourself, and some of them are impossible. Want to know, for instance, if there is enough toilet paper? Just look. Want a sealable chip bag? Fold the opening and use a clip. But sorry, people, instant sleep is only possible with medication.


There used to be a thing called “Manners”. If the service person treats you badly, then you can develop an attitude.


Armpit fans are now available, in Japan, anyway.


Anyone who thinks that women are not as strong, or as tough, as men should read this.


Well, what the fuck, America? Another unarmed man, shot for no good reason, by the police. Since it has been recorded on camera that he was unarmed, if this cop is not charged, and convicted of murder, that entire country might as well just throw away every law on the books and return to the days of the wild west, where people were shot just for looking at someone wrong.


Sadly, that likely will not happen.


The trippy new video for Rihanna’s new song Sledgehammer, from the new Star Trek movie. I don’t mind the song at all.


An airline pilot photographed some cool looking thunderstorms over the Pacific Ocean.


If you really love your dog, and are rich, you never really have to say goodbye.


Dog loves to swing.
















This will not surprise regular readers, but I think that anyone who drops their phone in cake batter deserves to have it ruined. Even if, by chance, they were following an online recipe, how does someone not notice the device is missing?






Regular readers also know that I am not a fan of selfies. Well, the problem seems to have started to take care of itself. More people are dying as a result of selfies, lately, than from shark attacks.


I can’t think of anything in this world that I would be willing to wait in line for 13 hours to obtain. Hell, even one hour would be way too long. I mean it’s not as if these devices weren’t being made any more. Even if that was the case, waiting in line for one seems silly.


Eric Greitens, one of the four Republicans running for Missouri Governor, has issued an ‘ISIS Hunting Permit’ as part of his campaign.








This was obviously done for a joke, but I think it is just stupid.iuyy


How carrots are harvested.tumblr_o9rf68BWx11qzt7d8o1_500 tumblr_o9rf68BWx11qzt7d8o2_500












A lot of people think the Juno mission to Jupiter is a huge waste of money. I have already seen a few comments saying that the money would have been better spent fixing the problems that exist here, at home. Well, for one thing, there are already tons of money being poured on our Earthly issues, and it doesn’t really seem to be helping. The video in this article will explain the mission’s purpose.


The final fate of Juno, at the end of its mission, in 2018.


The Curiosity rover gave mission controllers a scare, on the July 4th weekend, when it put itself into safe mode.


As much as I love the Chrysler Hemi, I still believe a car should be kept brand loyal.














   A wealthy old man looked around the table at his two sons and five daughters and their spouses gathered for Christmas dinner. “Not a single grandchild,” he said with a sigh.  “Why, I’ll give a million dollars to the first kid who presents me with a little one to bounce on my knee.  Now, let’s say grace.” When the old man lifted his eyes again, his wife was the only other person at the table.    


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