The shovel really was a groundbreaking invention.



Just as mysteriously as it had quit, the sound on my computer has started working again. I had tried a few things to get it to work again, but none of them had been successful. I guess I’ll just be happy it is working again.


Once again, I stand corrected. Sort of. That meme about the woman who received hundreds of parking tickets is, apparently, actually true, although the actual facts are somewhat different than the meme states. And even the judge in this case considered the issuing of so many tickets overzealous.


Almost 200 stars signed an open letter to stop  gun violence. Sadly, I don’t expect it will change much.


I don’t know a lot about this Brexit situation. But you can be sure that if I vote on anything, I am going to learn, first, whether it is just a poll or an actual binding a vote. Which, apparently, is something that a lot of younger voters did not do, and now regret voting in favor of leaving the EU. And a big percentage of those who voted to leave did so because they believed it would prevent non-whites from moving to Britain. This, from a country that once invaded the majority of the ancient world.


And, then, Trump.



It never mentioned whether this was a government building, but it seems as if some people in Italy would not mind non-whites living there.
Nicely done, Spain


I had not been aware that it is a crime to photograph the Eiffel Tower when it is lit up at night. Which makes me wonder how the photo of it that way was obtained.
Then I got a reply from the site, saying it was possible to obtain special permission to do so.


The article doesn’t say if the leg the monitor was put on looked lifelike, or not, but the cops still did not correctly follow procedures.


Only a matter of time, now, until we pollute this ocean, too. I wonder what the point of this cruise is, since there is really nothing to see.


This sounds really dumb, and I doubt if it will catch on.


I only have to charge my phone every 4 or 5 days, but, then, I am not on it ALL THE FUCKING TIME. As the article states, there is no way fast food can be sold cost effectively with a phone charger in the box. I read another article on this device which said that the maximum charge increase reported from the device was 17%, which is enough to make a call or send a text, I think.


Stopping in the middle of a firewalk and getting burned because of it seems like perfect karma to me. Especially when the reason for stopping is so silly.




I consider myself tolerant of those who are not comfortable with their birth gender, but I truly do not understand how someone can consider themselves neither male nor female.


The treatment this chimp endures seems so wrong, especially considering all of the valuable knowledge that was gained from the testing it was subjected to.


Utah law enforcement has trained a dog to sniff out electronic devices to help them find those that may have pornography on them.


Interesting article, discussing The Discovery Channel, and their practice of airing scripted “reality” programming that has been largely faked.


Dog watches YouTube on the computer.


Fish makes a desperate attempt at freedom.


…or you could just, you know, CLOSE THE DOOR, and not give yourself an obstacle course to maneuver through if you have to go to the bathroom during the night, as well as when you get up every morning. 


Cows can be fairly intelligent.cow-animals-011-02112014




“I meant to do that”tumblr_o8pzihGCQt1tlb56zo1_400






How turtles are cleaned in large aquariums.tumblr_o4fbozWgfc1s1vn29o1_1280




Goats are weird, man.






And what, exactly, is this supposed to represent?tumblr_o96uqkbcQ21s02vreo1_400


Getting this reaction from my friends would mean I would immediately have two fewer friends.










If I was a cop, and someone took a selfie after I stopped them, they definitely would not be let off with a warning. In fact, I would try my hardest to find every possible reason to issue the maximum number of tickets possible.wrong-time-selfies-part22-1


View of the Grand Canyon from above. I have visited there, on the ground, and highly recommend it, The view is awesome. Best to do it in a cooler month, though. It can get very freaking hot, there.grand-canyon


Miniature carving from a pencil lead.hj








The Juno spacecraft is set to go into orbit around Jupiter on July 5th. This video explains the mission.


The mission will, among other things, give us awesome photos like this.
NASA’s Voyager 1 at Jupiter, March 4, 1979.


From the results of this poll, I can only assume that most Americans have poor priorities. If offered a trip to space, I would accept before they finished the sentence. So long as it didn’t involve a rocket, that is. I am fairly certain I could not physically endure a rocket liftoff.


Stuck in the city, and wish you could see the stars at night? This company can give you a simulation.


Most people apparently prefer an autonomous vehicle that will prioritize the lives of its passengers in all cases. I say it depends on the situation. If the pedestrians are obeying the law, crossing the street with the walk signal, for instance, they should have the priority for life. If they are crossing in the middle of the street, while there is traffic, they are willingly putting their own lives at risk.


I don’t think I will ever understand why people just leave rare muscle cars to slowly rot away. If you haven’t driven it in 10 years, you likely aren’t ever going to. Either fix it or sell it.


How would you describe a mud dragster that made most of its run on the rear wheels?




The renowned buffalo hunter was out on the prairie with his trusted Indian sidekick and scout. He asked the Indian to find where the buffalo might be. The Indian lay down and put his ear to the ground and almost instantly said, “Buffalo come.” The hunter asked him how he could be so sure so quickly. “Face sticky!”


John Smith gets home from work one day and finds his wife has been crying. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “John, promise you won’t get mad, but I went to see the new doctor today and he told me I’ve got a pretty pussy.”

“WHAT!!” he shouts. With that he grabs a baseball bat from the closet and storms down to the doctor’s office, straight through the reception. Without knocking he bursts into the doctor’s office. The doctor is in the process of giving another lady an examination. She screams and tries to cover herself. Without waiting, John charges up to the doctor, smashes the baseball bat down on the desk and says, “You flaming pervert, how dare you say my wife has a pretty pussy!!” The doctor replies, “I’m sorry Mr. Smith but there has been a misunderstanding. I told your wife she has Acute Angina.”


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